September 30, 2016

Hawaii Day Eleven *Surfing Lessons*

Monday, September 26 2016

The last scheduled activity of our vacation was surfing lessons! Surfing was something I really wanted to try in Hawaii so I booked Brian and myself a group lesson with Goofy Foot Surf School, Inc. 

Brian and I are really getting the hang of this vacation thing and it takes no time in the morning to get ready and leave for our adventures so we arrived in Lahaina for our lesson extra early. 

The drive to Lahaina is so beautiful 

Signing the waivers

The only other people in our group lesson were a nice young couple from Germany who had also never surfed before. Our instructor (John, I think) went through a semi-lengthy speech on dry land, giving us some surfing tips and cheats so we would be able to stand up on the board during our first lesson.  It was less learning to be a real surfer and more "let's really make sure you experience standing on the surf board while riding a wave". Needless to say no "pop-ups" were required. 

In the ocean we each took turns going out with John to catch a wave. He made it really easy because he picked the best waves and then kind of pushed our surf board along so we could get going fast enough to catch the wave. I'm sure it would have been very frustrating (and dangerous) if we all went out there on our own and tried to surf, so this method was fine with me. 

Our lesson was only two hours long so we each had about five turns with John. The German guy was the best at staying on his board and rode most of his waves all the way to shore. to have the most tries.  I did okay on about half of my attempts, but usually ended my ride falling into the water.  

There was a girl from Goofy Foot who took a bunch of photos of us from the shore and after the lessons we had the option of buying all the pictures on a flash drive for $45 or one photo for $15. Brian didn't care about getting a picture of himself so I decided to get just one. I was going to get the photo of the two of us posing with the surfboard on the beach but the girl convinced me to get an action shot.

Super into it

She also sneaked this one onto flash drive for us:

Wipe out!

Surfing was pretty fun but because neither of us were surfing prodigies (haha) it was probably one of those once in a lifetime activities we wouldn't go out of our way to do again in the future.  

So corny

Our free hats!

After our surf lessons we had lunch at Bubba Gumps (loved it) and did some shopping around Lahaina

Walking into the restaurant

Enjoying the view

The view



Banana and chocolate hazelnut gelato

After our gelato we went back to Kihei to watch the presidential debate. I had snacks for dinner and Brian went to get another ahi club sandwich from Nalu's. Another great day!

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