September 23, 2016

Hawaii Day Six *Diamond Head*

Wednesday, September 21 2016
Our last full day in Oahu. :(

This morning started out early with a trip to Honolulu Coffee because the line at the Starbucks in our hotel was too long.  Also, when you're in Honolulu you might as well have the good stuff. There are Honolulu Coffee's all over Hawaii (and a few other countries) but this location, which opened less than a year ago, is called the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center and has a cafĂ©, roastery, bakery, gift shop, cupping room and a coffee experience tour according to their website. 

Photo credit

It was really big and is super cool inside. Brian and I were there at 7:10 in the morning and it was pretty much empty. 

I'm totally getting an almond croissant tomorrow morning btw.

People doing coffee experiments in the Cupping Lab

After breakfast we got ready to finally go to Diamond Head.  We grabbed a Lyft ride and were there in no time. 

The trail head

It was probably one of the busier times of day to visit the volcanic tuff cone but we didn't mind. The hike was pretty easy (though warm!) and it only took about 30 minutes to reach the top. The views were lovely. 

The Pacific

The crater

The tourists

We brought all of our swim gear and towels in a backpack so after the Diamond Head hike we headed to Waikiki for some boogie boarding and sun soaking.

Huge tree near the beach

Cool sidewalk

Brian with the boogie boards

The waves were huge (to me) but we weren't able to catch any to truly boogie board and Brian was disappointed he didn't grab fins for us.  I still had a lot of fun though.  I accidentally wore my Fitbit the whole time we were in the ocean and it's still working just fine!

Knees and trees

We got hungry (in Brian's case hangry) a little after 1:00 and went to Lulu's for some coconut shrimp and pork rolls.  It was nice to sit on the "rail" and people/ocean watch. 

Food was eh

After lunch we grabbed a green smoothie at Jamba Juice and walked back to our hotel. We relaxed for a few minutes and then went to the fitness center for a little workout action.  Now I am on the lanai typing and Brian is reading and doing our laundry for the 874th time.  For dinner I'm having leftovers and Brian is getting fried chicken from Bubba Gump! (Just some vaca notes for the memory files :) )

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