September 19, 2016

Hawaii Day Two *Waikiki Hoolaulea*

Saturday, September 17 2016
(Happy birthday Kara!)

Our first full day in Hawaii!! I had a very fitful night of sleep and woke up at two this morning but Brian slept well and we both got out of bed around four.  We did some sleepy unpacking and then got ready to go to the gym which opened at five.

I love working out on vacation because it feels good and going to an actual gym and getting to use cardio machines is kind of a treat.  After getting our sweat on we went back to the room to get ready for breakfast. Brian found a place he wanted to check out called Goofy CafĂ© and we walked there in the rain.  This was legit rain, it wasn't just the light mist everyone talks about and I really regretted not grabbing one of our (two!) umbrellas.  Fortunately it was very warm and humid and really wasn't that uncomfortable so I was fine once I got over being slightly annoyed with myself. 

Goofy Cafe
Brian checking out the menu
I got an acai smoothie bowl which was delish.

After eating we walked the fifteen minutes back to our hotel and chilled for half an hour before heading to our couples massage. I booked very reasonably priced massages for the two of us at Blue Sky Thai Massage which was only a five minute walk away. Neither of us have gotten a Thai massage before and it was definitely an experience!  

We're ready!

I was kind of hoping a for a relaxing massage, during which I might actually take a nap, but that definitely did not happen.  There was some acrobatics (for the masseuses) and weird positions (for us) involved, along with intense kneading, stretching and slapping (which I definitely wasn't prepared for).  It wasn't exactly relaxing but it was great for our bodies and our muscles and we were happy to have gone. 

Back at the hotel I wanted to nap for a few hours but I soon gave up and we decided to check out the huge outdoor mall next door. Brian had been talking about getting new sunglasses this whole trip (of 1.5 days ha) and we figured the sooner the better. 

Brian ended up getting: a hat from Lacrosse (to replace the one Zuzu destroyed), two shirts from T&C Surf Designs, a pair of Ray Bans and an iced coffee.  

I got nothing.  Well, I was a little tempted to buy something from Lorna Jane (those Aussie girls were so friendly!) but my head wasn't in the game, probably because I was in starvation mode and just couldn't make any decisions.  I even went to Lush and didn't pull the trigger!  Oh well, I suppose I didn't come to Hawaii to shop.

When we realized it had been almost seven hours since we had eaten breakfast (no wonder I was so light headed) so we stopped Atkinson Grill for some lunch (which ended up being our dinner too).  

Every place we decide to eat we research before hand to make sure it has high reviews and this one was no exception.  The food ended up being decent but the wait was very long and the place smelled really badly (which was apparently a temporary thing according to a note on the wall) so we took our food to go and ate it in our hotel room. Soon after Brian had to leave for his conferment ceremony and I was finally able to take a little nap.  Brian got home from the ceremony in about an hour and a half and told me all about it.   

 photo image_zpsxl9gu2h4.gif
Describing his super impressed (not) reaction to the ceremony speakers, most notably John Quinones.

I was so happy I got some rest because it gave me the energy and desire to go check out the annual Waikiki Hoolaulea block party on Kalakaua Ave (about a 30 minute walk away).  There were SO MANY PEOPLE but it was cool to check out some of the Hawaiian music and experience the event.  

We even got tropical shaved ice from a vendor that was really good even though it had a hair in it. (We just scooped it out and kept on eating, #truth #noonelikesacomplainer.)

A little farther down we found a surf board lined alleyway that lead to the beach.

So we hung out and watched the waves for a little bit. It was very nice.

We made the walk back to our hotel and I had over 20,000 steps on my Fitbit when I walked in our door, almost beating my PR from a week ago. Thank goodness I did so much walking back home to work up to this Hawaii vacation!

Until tomorrow!

p.s. I'm sad I haven't done much Snapchatting but I have been accumulating video for a future vlog (hopefully!)

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