September 18, 2016

Hawaii Vacation Day One! *Travel to Oahu*

Friday, September 16 2015
628 am

Hi Everyone!

I come to you this morning from American Airlines Flight 5717 currently flying over the outskirts of Grand Rapids. This morning came pretty early as Brian and I set our alarms to wake up at 4:00. Heidi and John were kind enough to spend the night and drive us to the airport at 5:00 to catch our 6:00 flight.  (Even more kind, they are watching Zuzu for us the whole time we are away.) It was a little stressful because we didn't have much time to get our luggage checked and go through security (and we forgot our big carry on and Brian had to go running back) but we made it to the plane on time. Our seats are at the very back of the plane and originally Brian was behind me but the nice pilot sitting next to me said he would switch with him. (There are actually at least three pilots traveling on this flight so we are feeling extra safe.)

I hope I haven't forgotten to pack anything and hope I can get hours and hours of sleep on the flights and wake up feeling refreshed in Dallas, Maui, and lastly Oahu, our final destination. Doubtful but I'll try! 

Major tired eye

I'm not a huge fan of Tony Robbin's or anything but I heard him once say you shouldn't have expectations, only appreciation and at first I thought that was great advice. Now though, I don't see why having expectations is a bad thing. I think it can be helpful to have an idea or hope of what you want to accomplish or experience at a certain time. Like on vacation. As long as you have a plan as to how to achieve your expectations and you are able to roll with the punches and not get upset (and whiny) if things don't go your way, I think they are perfectly fine to have. 


I would love for this vacation to be:

-Awe Inspiring
-A trip I will always look back on with good memories. 

On vacation I want to be:

-A vlogger! (Or maybe just blogger)
-Well fed
-Open to new experiences and new people and let go of my tendency toward misanthropy. (Perhaps I'm mistaking misanthropy for boring old introversion.  I mostly dislike and distrust the occasional stranger.) 
-Nice to Brian (haha)


I am going to:

-Be active
-Plan for the day ahead
-Be grateful!
-Not buy any candy (probably). 
-Listen to my body, if I need to sleep, sleep!
-Not care about what people think and take as many pictures and video as I please.
-Try to vlog/blog as much as I can but not feel guilty if I don't get to it every day.
--Be in the moment.  Time passes so quickly and before I know it I'll be home again, so I really want to indulge in the present and feel as if I'm seeing everything for the first time even if I'm just waiting in a queue at the airport.
-Be positive and let little stresses go.  Remember, IT'S JUST VACATION.

Until later!

927 am

I lost my favorite pink water bottle on our first plane. 

At least we didn't forget our carry on luggage. 
For breakfast Brian and I ate at Le Madeleine's:

 And then grabbed some Dramamine and iced coffee (both for me) before boarding our flight. 

Currently we are waiting on the runway to take off on our eight hour flight to Maui. Apparently it's rush hour at the Dallas airport but we should be off soon! 

100 pm

We survived the long flight to Maui! It wasn't fun but it wasn't terrible either.  What helped get me through was:

Advil for my sleep deprived aching head

Watching The Big Short (great movie)

Listening to The Elephant Whisperer audio book:

Eating ginger chews to keep the motion sickness at bay:

And the not-so-bad airplane food 
(though the flight attendant kept saying "vegetarian quinoa wraps"
 and it was just couscous. :P )

The flight to Oahu was under an hour so it was a breeze though Brian and I weren't able to sit next to each other (and there was a completely empty row in front of Brian's seat!), We got to the hotel around 3pm and had to wait in a pretty long line to get checked in so it was wonderful when we finally got to our hotel room!  Instead of taking a nap like I thought I might do we went for a walk to Walmart and grabbed a few drinks and snacks. 

Cool trees on the way to Walmart
And afterward stopped at a nearby highly rated sushi joint for some dinner.  It was really good!

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