December 22, 2015

Zuzu the Cavapoo

Note: I've been sitting on this post for a while in hopes I would find the video of when Zuzu first arrived but alas it could not be found.  Enough with the procrastination already!  Here it is:

I thought I'd make a post to officially introduce you Zuzu. She is a cavapoo who has brought a lot of happiness into Brian's and my life since coming to live with us!

We adopted Zuzu (It's a Wonderful Life) at the end of last March, about nine months ago. It was a pretty spontaneous decision for Brian and me though we had discussed getting a dog in the past. The weekend before Brian and I had a week off work I was randomly searching for dogs on sale on Hoobly and I came across a breed I'd never heard of before. When I discovered the cavapoo was a cross between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles (my dream dog but they shed and usually have bad hearts) I was sold. It didn't take much convincing on my part to get my husband on board. The pictures were so cute AND this dog was low shedding AND we had the entire next week off with no other plans. I had to work the next day and so Brian and I went to the pet store that night to get supplies "just in case we got the puppy".

The next morning Brian drove the two hours to go check out the puppies by himself while I was at work. His best friend lives in the same area so he was able to go visit him as well which was a bonus. When Brian told me he bought the puppy and sent pictures to my phone I was SO excited to get out of work and meet her!

First picture I saw of yet unnamed Zuzu

When I finally got home from work Brian still hadn't gotten there and so I cleaned up a bit and tried to puppy proof as much as possible. When they both got home and I first saw the puppy in the crate I squealed. She was SO tiny! Only three pounds!

The week of vacation FLEW by and I don't think Brian and I left the house together once. I have to admit it was pretty stressful at first constantly having to take her outside and make sure she didn't get into anything bad and she barked and cried the first few nights. She was so cute though and soon got accustomed to her crate and her life with us. We've had fun coming up with nicknames for her including Zuse, Zuzi, Zuzu Magoo, Zuzu Lemon and Shmeshmu. We're weird, don't ask.

Since we've gotten her, Zuzu has grown five times larger and is now sixteen pounds and almost eleven months old. I'm so happy we are long past getting up in the middle of the night to take her out and the horribly long episode of diarrhea she had after being spayed. (Immodium apparently works wonders in dogs too.)

Not feeling so hot.

We are hoping Zuzu is now potty trained. I think her last accident was over a month ago. It's been nice because the winter has been mild so far though even when it has been cold she hasn't minded going out to potty.  She is still very mischievous and likes getting into the bathroom garbage, chewing on chairs and corners of walls and loves to rip the box spring lining from underneath our bed. A few things she has destroyed: The electric cords of two desk lamps, a floor fan, a router and a few Christmas tree lights (our tree no longer lights up-we've kind of given up this year), a couple of Brian's Lacoste hats, and my favorite pair of sandals (I'm sure I've forgotten a few things).  Also there are teeth marks on multiple furniture items and pairs of shoes but I'd like to think it's gotten better and she's chilled out a bit. 

It was a nice crate but the front zipper is completely destroyed and there is a hole in the side. tsk tsk

Raising a puppy can definitely be frustrating (especially for Brian since he works from home) and we still get annoyed with her sometimes but we try to remember that she is still growing and someday she won't have the urge to destroy everything in sight. She's really not that naughty and when we are able to give her a long walk she is the perfect dog for the rest of the day. We love taking her to the many parks in our area though we haven't checked out the luxury dog park that is SO close by. We just can't stomach paying over $35 a month for a membership when there are so many other places to go.

Zuzu is such a sweet girl and has never shown us any aggression even when we are literally smothering her with our love. :) She has the softest, fluffiest fur ever and smells so good! Her conditioner makes her smell very fancy but even when that wears off and it's weeks after her bath she smells like a warm cozy sweater. I can't imagine how empty life would be without her. My favorite time with her is on my days off when I wake up in the morning and sit on the couch and she crawls into my lap and falls asleep. She's going to keep me nice and warm this winter and hopefully many winters to come.

December 11, 2015


I'm back!! I have no excuses for my absence on the blog, just haven't been feeling it lately. Inspiration comes in phases for me and it's hard to feel inspired when I'm not loving life. I've been having some stressful days at work and also missed a couple weeks of my health diaries. I was so motivated when I first started to try to lose some weight but then I had a mini vacation and it threw me off track. I need to learn to remember my goals even when my routine isn't normal and things feel off. Being ok with messing up is a huge part of moving forward and staying positive. I haven't been eating the best and haven't been doing a lot of intense BBG workouts but hey, it's life. I'm not going to beat myself up over mistakes but learn from them instead. From this recent experience I've found I'm not happy dreading workouts and I feel like crap when I eat too much sugar. Now hopefully I can take what I've learned and put it into practice, ie. change the way I think about working out and don’t eat so much sugar!!!  Health and work things aside I have been pretty good.

Things I've been doing lately:

Health Diary Week Seven

Week Seven!
Monday (11/23/15)
Movement: Rest day
Fruit: 3 (Banana and pomegranate)
Veggies: 2 (Lots of mushrooms)
Meditation: No
Notes: Ate more than usual but it is still vacation and I'm not beating myself up.

Movement: Yoga and hill HIIT
Fruit: 0!
Veggies: 2 (Green pepper and onion)
Meditation: No
Notes: Not the most healthy but I'm happy I worked out!
Movement: BBG Legs
Fruit: 0
Veggies: 1 (spinach)
Meditation: No
Notes: Last day of vacation and though I have been indulging recently and have eaten too much candy for the past six days I don't feel terrible because I didn't over eat today so it is a win!