September 21, 2016

Hawaii Day Four *SUP Yoga and Migraine*

Monday, September 19 2016

This morning I woke up with major indigestion. Apparently stuffing myself with veggies and quinoa (not to mention appetizer and dessert) at midnight Michigan time is not a great idea. Even though I felt like ish I forced myself to get ready for my Yoga Floats SUP yoga class because I would have been so disappointed if I missed it. Brian decided to walk down with me and was able to take a few photos before walking back. The yoga instructor also took some pictures of us before and during the class which was really nice.

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There were five other women taking the class, most of them were there for the CPCU conference and one of them was actually from the Detroit area.  The weather was overcast and a little rainy but still warm and perfectly comfortable.

Ready for class!

It was really cool to be on the ocean but I found doing yoga on the paddle board to be much more challenging than I expected, especially because I signed up for the level one class which was for people who have never done yoga and have never been on a paddle board before.  I think because everyone in my particular class had yoga experience, Kelsey probably made the class more challenging than if we had all been newbies (at least that's what I'm telling myself). To be honest I didn't have the best time during the class but it was mostly because I was worried about my stomach and I was also starting to get a migraine. I was trying really hard not to fall in (everyone else fell in at least once) which made it more stressful than it should have been too. Even though I didn't love the experience I would definitely try SUP yoga again sometime, as long as I was feeling 100% and was able to really go for the poses and have fun falling in the water.  

Warm up stretches

Pretend peace

After yoga I came back and took a shower (the padding on the boards smelled pretty bad which in turn made me smell bad) and then crashed for an hour while Brian did laundry. When I woke up Brian was hungry so he chose a place to have lunch (Home Bar Grill) and we headed out.  Unfortunately the restaurant didn't open until two but we passed a food truck (Iron Grill Hawaii) on the way so we stopped there for lunch instead. 

Great Yelp reviews and short wait = good choice

Waiting on the curb for our food.

We brought the food back to our hotel and ate on the lanai (I'm so grateful we were placed in the tower that had balconies!) I ate just a little and then had to lay down again because I felt so awful.  I've never had such a terrible migraine in my life! I ended up sleeping for almost six hours and woke up around 6:30. I felt really bad for basically wasting a day in Hawaii, especially since we had planned on hiking Diamond Head that afternoon.  I'm so lucky Brian is so easy going and doesn't get upset if plans don't work out or if he's on his own for hours or that he has such a fragile wife. :)  

When I did wake up from my nap, I felt a little bit better and was able to catch the last of this stunning sunset.

I didn't even know Brian took this photo, what a great blogger husband. 

Brian was craving a burger so he ordered some take out food from Island Dining.  On the way down the elevator to pick up the food he ran into Tom Reiser and his wife Shelly (?) from Lake Odessa.  They were there for the CPCU conference and had actually been to Maui for a few days before coming to Oahu.  They said they loved Maui even though they got a lot of rain (nine inches in one day!!) and gave Brian a few dining suggestions for our trip there in a few days.

After eating our 8:00 dinner (yikes) we lounged in bed watching The Voice (not a fan) and Kirsten Bell's new show, and now are about to turn out the lights.  I'm a little worried about how my night of sleep will be after sleeping so much during the day. I guess I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

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