September 25, 2016

Hawaii Day Seven *Travel to Maui*

Thursday, September 22 2016
Happy first day of fall!

This morning was all about getting that almond croissant and then packing to leave for Maui. 

Too good

A few more patrons this morning
Oahu was fun but we are both excited for a change of pace and a change of scenery!

I reserved a ride to the airport with Hawaii 23 and they arrived early which was perfect.  We were dropped off with enough time to move nine pounds of luggage from our carry-on bag to our check in bag (carry on had to be under sixteen pounds), get patted down (I forgot I had a bobby pin holding my shirt together. ) and have some lunch.

Our plane:

The plane ride wasn't terrible but I am so happy no more wooziness from planes and elevators for six days!!!

After we landed we took the shuttle to Hertz and got our Ford Fusion.  

Do we really need a car pic? I think yes.

The car that was just not meant to be.
We had a little time before we could check in to our rental so we went to a tiny farmers market and bought a few things at the ABC store.

I bought a papaya and an apple.
And this! Oops.

We then drove the short distance to our residence for next six days.  

The building in front is our rental.
It's very nice to have our own parking spot in front of the place and a key-less lock for the door. The cottage is perfect and has absolutely everything we would need including a full-size fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer/dryer, grill, wi-fi, etc.

Nice welcome note and chocolates!

Our stuff is everywhere already, oh well. 
It's 92 degrees here today so it was pretty stuffy when we walked in the door, but luckily there is a air conditioner in the bedroom.

After we got unpacked Brian wanted to get dinner and said he found some great options for us. He described the first one, Nalu's, as "Hawaiian, and-" I interrupted him and said, "Let's go!" and so we went. 

Nalu's did not disappoint. Brian got the Ahi club sandwich and I got the crab cake salad. 

Both were really good and we will definitely be back again for some breakfast or lunch or dinner (or all three?) at some point.
When we finished eating we drove around for a while and then found a place to park and watch the Hawaiian sunset.

After taking in the beauty we made a quick stop at the grocery store for some Ben and Jerry's and went back to the cottage and put on The Revenant. I only watched until the bear scene and then I went to bed. 

We don't have anything scheduled tomorrow besides returning our rental car (it stalled at three stop lights! Not cool dude.) so it might just be a chill and relax day, but we will see!

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