September 22, 2016

Hawaii Day Five *Pearl Harbor*

Tuesday, September 20 2016

Even after my super long nap yesterday I was still able to sleep nine hours last night and though I felt like I was waking up from a coma I was grateful to get a good night of sleep. 

Brian had his weekly sports chat this morning with Mike while I did some blogging and then we headed to the gym for some cardio and weights. My headache wasn't completely gone but I was hoping if I got my blood pumping it might help a little. 

After showering we got ready to go to Pearl Harbor. I was able to reserve advanced tickets for the USS Arizona tour at 2:00 and we grabbed a cab early because we wanted to check out the museums and get some lunch beforehand. 

On our way to Pearl Harbor

The fare was to be expected
We arrived with three hours until our tour so we walked around and saw a couple of the museums. 

We then had a leisurely lunch at Restaurant 604 which was only a three minute walk away and surprisingly wasn't crowded at all.

Our view at lunch

Fish and chips, edamame, and calamari

We left around 1:15 to go back to the visitor center and get ready to go on our tour. They were able to sneak us into the 1:45 tour which was nice though we had to stand up for the short film in the theater.  When the film was over they herded us all onto the ferry to go to the USS Arizona memorial.

(Sorry for the finger smudge) 

Brian loooved everything there was to see at Pearl Harbor and I thought it was pretty cool too. Unfortunately I wasn't able to read anything because it made my head hurt more so Brian would randomly give me information; like what happened in the 30's might be be similar to what is happening now (in terms of isolationism/non-interventionism) and how WWIII could start at any moment.  Just kidding.  (Hopefully.)

On our way back we decided to get an Uber instead of a taxi and though we had to wait a little bit it was totally worth it because only ended up being $18!!!  Sure beats the $45 cab ride (and we didn't have to tip a bell hop). You live and you learn.  

I really wanted to go to the Snow Factory on this trip so when we got back to our hotel we immediately left again to get some frosty treats. 

Don't worry, we shared.

We ended up sharing a #23, the strawberry and lychee flavor.  The stuff was exactly like a review I had read, a mix between shaved ice, cotton candy and ice cream. The texture was pretty cool but the flavors were mild and just so-so. The best thing about it was the lychee fruit and strawberries. They were amazing. 

After the Snow Factory we went back to the hotel and got some drinks and read on the lanai.  I skipped dinner and went to bed pretty early because my headache was getting pretty bad again but I'm looking forward to some lovely leftover tacos for breakfast tomorrow morning!

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