September 26, 2016

Hawaii Day Eight *Kapalua Coastal Trail*

Friday, September 23 2016

Today was absolutely my favorite day in Hawaii so far! After, of course, the annoyance of having to drive back to the airport to return our Ford for a Buick Verano. 

Please work.

For breakfast we found a promising joint called Kihei Caffe and went there for a bite to eat.

The back of the restaurant and our eats

We weren't sure what we wanted to do with the day so we headed back to the cottage to do some research.  In the Maui guidebook I found a hike in Lahaina (less than an hour away) called the Kapalua Coastal Trail and we decided to give it a go.

Drive to Lahaina

Some scenery

The trail was more of a walk than a hike although they do say it is non accessible. Even though it wasn't the most secluded trail as there are condos all along one side, the views of the pacific coast on the opposite side are breathtaking and I couldn't get enough of the beauty. The pictures (taken on my old crappy point and shoot) don't do it justice by far.

We found some tide pools tucked away and decided to take a little dip.  The waves were a little strong and the rocks were sharp and slippery and even though I had my water sandals on I didn't venture far from this spot:

Brian went to the middle of the pool (not pictured) and he was in bare feet!  

Good thing he didn't step on a sea urchin.

We didn't do any cliff jumping but it looked like fun.

We parked near Onelea beach and after our hike we went down to the sand and jumped in the ocean.  There were tons of rocks under the water the right side of the beach so we moved over to the left and found a nice sandy bottom.  We had SO much fun jumping and playing in the waves and we didn't even have boogie boards.  The beach was very uncrowded and there weren't many people in the water. Maybe they didn't know it was less rocky on the left?

Oneloa Beach

We started getting hungry around 2:00 and had run out of water so unfortunately we had to leave the beach.  We went to the nearby deli for a quick drink and snack and then drove back to our cottage.  I knew we had to get up early tomorrow so I wanted an early dinner and after we showered we went to Coconut's Fish Cafe.  Apparently they are famous for their fish tacos. 

We split the fish and steak tacos and got the coconut shrimp app as well. 

I just can't get on board with corn tortillas (they kind of taste like porta-potties) so I didn't love the tacos but Brian thought they were pretty good. Now we've got to get some sleep because we have something really fun planned for tomorrow!

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