September 20, 2017

May Highlights 2017

It's not too late for a May Highlight post is it?

Wednesday, May 3rd Zuzu ran around with Charlie.

Saturday, May 6 Zuzu in the mulch.


Sunday, May 7 I worked my last normal weekend at HPE. Sad.


Monday, May 8 I hiked with Zuzu for an hour. 

Wednesday, May 10 My little and I met up with another BBBS match at Airtime. It was a lot of fun!

Friday, May 12 Had a pizza dinner at Cosmo's and enjoyed a fire at the Gough's.


Saturday, May 13 Got some vitamin D.


Sunday, May 14 Happy Mother's Day! Zuzu in the mulch, part two,

 in love with my white and purple lilacs,

Brian got dry needled,

I made princess faces with Laney,
and we ended the day with this amazing lemon bundt cake.

Friday, May 19 Zuzu snuggles.

Saturday, May 20  

My blog seems quite blah lately so here is a mini "day in my life".

Brian and I started our Saturday early because I have to work tomorrow and we wanted to make the most of our only weekend day together.  After breakfast and getting caught up on the last two episodes of Survivor, I went for a run while Brian worked on the pool and mowed the lawn.
I wanted to go the Futon market after we cleaned up because our neighbors offered their weekly CSA bundle to us as they were out of town, but unfortunately I had the times wrong in my head and realized we had totally missed it. :(  Instead we headed to Jaku for some delicious sushi lunch. 

We debated on what to do next: Go to the outlet malls? (It was raining like crazy and I didn't really feel like shopping.) Go to the downtown market? (Would be enjoyable but it's more fun when we are eating a meal there.) Go to a movie? I checked the times for the nearby cinema and Gaurdians of the Galaxy would be playing at 3:40, just enough time to grab some goodies at the gas station and get something warm from Starbucks before heading in to grab tickets and popcorn. Our stomachs are bottomless pits!


We both thoroughly enjoyed the movie (though the person one seat down from me was using a breathing machine which was a little distracting) and made it home around 6:00 to take Zuzu on a nice long walk and afterward I had a rolling and stretching session and prepared for work before hitting the sack. It was a great Saturday!


Friday, May 19th Received my double orange bracelet at Fighthouse MMA.


Saturday, May 27 My friend Tessa and her boys came over for some fun in the sun.


Sunday, May 28 I ate really good food and admired my flowering bushes

Monday, May 29 Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 30 Brian got the smallest black eye ever from BJJ.  It looks like a moley mole.
I'm in the current Fighthouse MMA marketing ad.

Wednesday, May 31  Brian spent time with my Little and me for a slime making competition.


September 10, 2017

Hawaii 2016 Vacation Videos!

Hello strangers!  I edited my videos I recorded in Hawaii but never posted them on my blog so here they are! The first video is from our time in Oahu and the second is from Maui.  I wish I would have gotten more footage from Maui, especially from our hikes and our trip to Hana, but oh well, better luck next time!  

(Please forgive the typos/shoddy editing.)

p.s. I'm kind of missing blogging...maybe it'll make a comeback soon?

May 7, 2017

April Highlights 2017

Saturday, April 1 Did some shopping at Pier One and At Home and bought a few things for the house including some new curtains (bottom pic) for our dining room. I like them well enough.


Thursday, April 6 Hopefully my last snowy drive to work and happy 21st birthday Meara.


Saturday April 8  Woke up to this awful news:
I had only been to the barn twice but I met most of the horses who died.  I felt pretty sad the whole day but did my best to stay busy and spend time with Brian and Z.

Sunday April 9 Bought a bunch of mulch for our front yard landscaping and after laying it all down got some ice cream from Frosty Boy. It was well deserved!



Monday, April 10th  Decided to try out a 'new to us' restaurant in Ada called Saburba.  They have an eclectic menu and Brian got the Fried Chicken Bowl with sticky rice and I got the Bibimap. It was pretty good though I prefer the Korean food at Emonae. I do regret not getting a slice of the lavender cake.

Thursday April 13. If it weren't for Monday this could have been an all star week which has never happened before! Such a slacker. 


Also, Snap story:


Friday, April 14  I've been eating healthy-ish the last few days and this is what I'm presented with at work this morning. (One of my many first world problems.)

Sunday, April 16th   It's Easter and someone wants to sit by me!

Wednesday, April 19th   Messy slime session

Saturday, April 22  Zuzu's not a cuddler:

Enjoyed Sara's baby shower and even won a prize during the baby gift bingo game:

Met some of Brian's tennis buddies and their significant others at Andrew's birthday. (No, I'm not wearing a sombrero):

Sunday, April 23 Installed new wipers on the Subaru by myself! It only took an hour of tutorials on YouTube to figure it out!


Tuesday, April 25th  Did a ton of yard work (thanks Heidi and John!) and bought some stuff at the greenhouse:

Thursday April 27th  Was tempted to buy this at World Market.


The end of April was actually very nice because Brian and I took the whole week off and accomplished quite a lot. It might have to be an annual occurrence!


April 4, 2017

March Highlights 2017

Friday, March 3rd  I got thrifty (love Kohl's sales), sweaty (love MMA class), chatty (love Skye) and brave (Love me!).

Monday, March 6th Zuzu played with some cute friends at daycare and enjoyed a car ride with the windows down:

 photo IMG_5873_zpskghfaldr.gif

Thursday March 9th  Brian and I left to visit our new nephew in Minnesota. I loved seeing where my sisters live, spending time in the city, and getting to see Aiden before he is all grown up. I wish I would have gotten a picture of us at the delicious brunch spot Skye and Mitch chose for us but oh well.  It was a great trip and I wish we lived closer so we could visit more often. Luckily we have plans to see everyone again in July!



Monday, March 13th  I discovered I strongly dislike Spindrift blackberry water (though the other flavors are amazing) and I very much enjoy Noodles and Co. "The Med Salad with Chicken".
Monday, March 20th  Happy Spring! It was warm enough to stretch outside in between my two MMA classes today.

Tuesday, March 21  My little and her homemade (messy) gold slime. I'm sure her granny loves when she comes home covered in glitter.


Sunday, March 26th The Barn in Lowell had an event for BBBS today and I took my little to go check it out.  We had a tour of the farm which included a chicken coop (I bought some free range chicken eggs for both of us!) furry goats and of course, the horses.  After the tour the kids were able to brush and ride the horses in between the pouring rain and also create a cute craft.  Even though the weather wasn't the best we had fun and it was nice to get to know more people in the program. We are even planning an outing with one of the other matches next month!


Monday, March 27th  Zuzu got a full day (of hogging the chair) at daycare because we had people at the house all day installing insulation and all sorts of fun stuff to help make our home more energy efficient.


All of March I'm still going to class regularly and am glad I signed up for a year or I probably would have quit back when I hurt my back. Luckily I am finally feeling back to normal and am so happy I didn't give up. (I think this snap is from February)