January 30, 2016

Happiness Dairy #2

It's week two of my Happiness Diary! Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
Something I ate that was delicious
3) An event that happened or task I accomplished 
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy


 Saturday (1-23-16)
1) Photo: Loving me some FireBalls!
2) Brian and I went to a new restaurant with his parents and I had a salad burger which was basically a salad with a burger on top (no bun). It was interesting and I might have to add it to the dinner rotation. 
3) I am starting a new workout program called 'Ripped with HIIT'. I did the first workout today and it was great, my bum will totally be feeling it tomorrow!
4) I am grateful for the library and I take advantage of my membership on a regular basis (including borrowing the 'Ripped with HIIT' DVDs!).



1) Photo: On the way to the park for a winter walk.
2) Brian gave me his baguette from Panera and it was white carby deliciousness.
3) I did some much needed organization on my blog and am feeling a little lot better about it (though it can always be improved!)
4) Today I am grateful for my electric blanket. It's been working overtime today.


1) Photo: I didn't have a great photo in mind and these apples were in front of me so...
2)  I found leftover turkey from Thanksgiving in the freezer and while it didn't taste the best I'm happy I didn't completely forget spit it and let it go to waste. 
3) I completed a new arm workout and just know my arms will be screaming tomorrow. I love sore muscles!
4) I am grateful another Monday is in the books and I'm one day closer to retirement. :)


1) Photo: It was super icy at the dog park today but we still made it out!
2) Brian and I had taco salads for dinner today with lots of lettuce, turkey meat, black beans and avocado. So yum. 
3) I trained a coworker today and it went really well. This made me happy because I always slightly dread training people but afterwards it usually wasn't as bad also was expecting and sometimes is actually fun.
4) I am grateful for yoga and how it makes me feel so relaxed and limber.

1) Photo: It's the birthday girl. :) Zuzu is one year old today! Don't worry she is scheduled to be groomed soon.
2) I've been making cold seeped green tea and sprinkling in some Crystal Light for some sweetness each night so it is ready to drink in the morning. It's an interesting concoction but it tastes good and I'm glad to get some use out of the Crystal Light packets which have been sitting in the cupboards forever. 

3) I went grocery shopping after work to pick up some items for dinner. I realize I need to take charge of food plans and prep because if it were up to Brian we would eat Panera and Qdoba for every meal.
4) I am (reminding myself to be) grateful that Brian is so easy going and "go-with-the-flow" because it means I can pretty much do anything and he doesn't complain. That's good right?

1) Photo: I taped up some posters in my studio so I'd have something to look at other than a brown wall. Too bad they keep falling down...
2) I've been eating Yoplait Plenti yogurts for breakfast recently and I think I'm beginning to like my yogurt a little lumpy and chewy. (There are oats and seeds and etc. mixed in the yogurt.)
3) I accidentally did the wrong workout in my workout program yesterday but no big deal. (Even though ahh my arms!) I did the right one today so we're back on track.
4) I am grateful today is my Friday and I am very much looking forward to my day off tomorrow!
1) Photo: It was a beautiful, sunny day today and I walked Zuzu at a nice and forested park and then went to the dog park a few miles away for a double whammy of exercise. Needless to say she's exhausted!
2) I ate Airhead bites today and they are quickly becoming my favorite candy.
3) Brian and I went to the movies to see Star Wars. It was entertaining and I'd watch it at least one more time before I die.
4) I am grateful for sunny winter days. 


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