January 12, 2016

Stair climbing!

One of the simplest ways for me to get in a little bit of extra movement in my day is climbing stairs on my breaks at work. The entire staircase (ten floors per my Fitbit) is 162 stairs and takes about five minutes including the walk to and from the staircase. I aim for two sets a day but on days I'm either feeling really motivated or I know I won't be doing an actual workout, I will do up to six sets. Climbing stairs is great for increasing my energy and also warms me up if I'm feeling chilly but it's not always easy to decide to climb those stairs. Sometimes I feel tired or sore and just want to head to the break room and enjoy a full break. Sometimes It seems like climbing or not climbing a few stairs doesn't really make a difference in how fit I am or how I look or feel. This is when I remind myself that every little thing I do for myself and my health is a positive thing. Every small change or healthy decision made is an accomplishment and something in which to be proud. Climbing these stairs increases my fitness level and even makes my usual workouts easier to do. It also makes me feel proud knowing that I've done something most people might not think about doing. I think I've just motivated myself for a sixer today. :)

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