January 12, 2016

Jessica Smith Answers MY question!

(Side note: I wrote this post on my family blog in 2013 and decided to transfer it over to my personal blog just to be a bit more organized)

One of my favorite fitness instructors is Jessica Smith of jessicasmithtv.com. I have three of her DVDs which I love working out with:

She also has a YouTube channel where she posts workout videos on a regular basis. Some of my favorites are the more intense ones (like this metabolic conditioning workout) but she also has easier stretching and walking videos that are also nice to do sometimes (a few she even does with her mom like this one here.). Jessica is active in the social networks and often asks for feedback and questions from her followers. The other day I submitted a question and she was nice enough to answer it in the "Ask Jessica" section on her website. If you ever wondered about muscle soreness and how to "stay safely and appropriately challenged" when working out, check out my question and her answer by clicking the image below. Check out her other fitness videos while you are at it, they are great and so convenient to play on my Ipad!

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