January 18, 2016

Mail Goodies: Candy club

Where have you been all my life Candy Club? I'm am a HUGE candy lover and so I was very excited when one of the YouTubers I follow, Julie G, posted a video about the Candy Club, a subscription service that sends you two to three pounds of candy every month. Immediately after watching her video I placed an order for my first box. During the sign up process you are asked questions and based on your answers a candy package is chosen for you. The candy packages available are CLUB classics, CLUB favorites and CLUB Sours & More. I enjoy most candy but after watching YouTube videos of people opening up packages of sour belt candy and sour jelly beans I decided to join the Sours & More . After placing the order I was slightly regretful of my decision because, while I do love sour candy, SUUPeer sour candy (the kind that practically strips the taste buds off your tongue) is not my jam and I was concerned I would get stuck with something inedible. I decided to go for it despite my worries and eagerly awaited my first box.  


When it finally arrived (a few days later) the candy was packaged in a cute brown box labeled with the company's name. 

Inside the box was an attractive display of the candy, including a "splash" of taffy nestled around the jars of candy and tissue paper. Along with the candy, the box contained a 'Welcome to the club" note and a description of the candy I received.   

The sour candy belts were the most sour of the three candies and were exactly what I expected them to be, delicious! The tangy strawberries didn't initially excite me but after tasting them I found they had the perfect chewy texture and had a lovely (slightly tangy) strawberry flavor. The octopus candy was probably my least favorite. Although they look to be many different flavors, I usually pop an entire candy into my mouth and so they all have a similar mixed fruit flavor which isn't necessarily bad, I was just hoping for a little more variety since the candy in other jars were a single flavor as well. The octopus candy also lacked the sourness I was expecting and the coating of sugar on top only added sweetness (unlike the coating on the sour belts).  I think my favorite candy of the box was the taffy.  I was expecting a muted (boring) flavor similar to saltwater taffy because that was how they were wrapped but instead the candy was tangy, very fruity and quite delicious. I will definitely be purchasing more of the taffy at some point!

I really enjoyed receiving my first box from the Candy Club.  The packaging was pretty and the candy tasty and fresh, though I was a little disappointed I didn't receive the sour jelly beans. The only complaint I have is the accessibility of the candy in the jars. I need a knife or some other tool to take the lids off each container every time I want a bit of candy which is kind of a pain.  Also the containers are more flimsy than I expected and I'm not sure how air tight they are. If the candy gets hard and stale quickly I'll rethink my subscription but for now I'm looking forward to my next box!

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