January 16, 2016

Day in the Life!

I thought I would take you along with me this lovely Saturday, a sort of "follow me around" post.  We will see how this goes!

I slept in today which was much needed and made it to the kitchen at around 8:00. 


Coffee Saturday! I only drink coffee on days I have off (weird I know), no more than twice a week. I will never be a slave to you coffee!!


For breakfast I made my famous oatmeal for myself and Brian. Mine is the one with the extra cinnamon and dried cherries.

This morning Brian finally decided to buy the kettlebell he's had his eye on for a while.

I am just about finished reading this memoir by Anna Whiston Donaldson, a blogger who writes about the experience of losing her 12 year old son in an unexpected accident. It's a sad reason for a memoir but it is so honest and well written and somehow I don't feel depressed while reading it. I'm glad to read sad books now because I don't think I would want to if my life was sad. Reading about people who have gone through tough times and have survived makes me feel like I will be a little more equipped to deal with struggles in the future-whatever they may be.


A little playtime with Zuzu. These slippers were a recent Target purchase but have already been disfigured by Zuzu. It's ok though because they aren't super comfortable and even if they weren't disfigured I wouldn't keep them very long.
After my indulgently lazy Saturday morning ritual it's time to get on with my to do list:

Tidy the house
Tidy my studio
Walk Zuzu
Meal plan
Film house tour
I completed a sweaty kickboxing workout, one of my favorites. Finished up with some foam rolling which I need to do more often! It really helps with my knee pain.

Tidy the house

After I got showered and dressed I tackled the kitchen.  I admit I am a bit spoiled as Brian and I have a cleaning lady to clean the main floor of our home every two weeks. I don't feel guilty about it though because I work hard for the money we pay her and there are so many more important things I am able to do with my time other than cleaning. Or worry about cleaning because let's be real, regular cleaning did not happen before we hired a cleaning lady. Tidying however is another story. If Brian and/or I don't tidy for one day our home starts looking like a mess and so it's something we always have to keep on top of. 
Tidy my studio

Tidying the studio is something I look forward to. I spent about an hour in here last week cleaning up but before then I hadn't spent any time in here in probably a year. Random stuff just kept accumulating in this room and it was a MESS, I wish I had taken a before, before picture. It's a lot better now but there is still work to be done. I really want to start utilizing this space again and have another outlet for my creativity. I have so many projects floating around in my head I just need to get started!

Walk Zuzu
Zuzu has been a little neglected in terms of exercise lately and has been feistier than ever. It's just been so cold and wet and snowy and it doesn't help that I've worked late the past three days which doesn't leave much time for going outside before it gets dark. We do have a big space in the lower level where Brian and I will play ball with Zuzu, but there is not much mental stimulation to be had chasing a ball back and forth. That is why today we made sure to take Z on a long walk at the park. This pup needs her exercise!

Meal Plan

The last thing I accomplished on my to do list was meal planning for the week. We rarely meal plan but I'm hoping this will change now that we are trying to save money and eat healthier. 

After Brian went to play tennis at 4:00 the rest of the day was pretty low key for me.  I didn't get around to vacuuming/mopping the lower level (surprise, surprise) and I didn't film the house tour, both things that I really need/want to do. We haven't been living in our home for very long and I really want to document what it looks like now before we make any more changes. I have done some painting in the basement and we've gotten a few pieces of furniture since moving in but it's still pretty bare and years from now I want to remember how things were "back in the day".
It's time to say good-bye. It was fun for me to share my day even if it wasn't the most eventful, thanks for coming along!

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