January 25, 2016

Mail Goodies: Nature Box + Review

I recently re-subscribed to NatureBox and received my box of snacks in the mail a few days ago. NatureBox is a subscription service that sends snacks to their clients at least every month. What I love about NatureBox is you get to choose the snacks you receive, you can choose how often you want to receive them and you can add on as many extra snacks to your order for just three dollars each. Not to mention some of the snacks are pretty tasty. 

The packaging: 

The five snacks I requested this month:


The jalapeƱo white cheddar popcorn tasted pretty good but wasn't anything super special. I liked the spicy flavor dust but didn't enjoy the super hard kernels I had to spit out every once in a while. Also, there are only 1.6 ounces of popcorn per bag which seems a little small. My thoughts on the Sriacha popcorn are similar though I didn't like the flavor as much as the jalapeno white cheddar.  I think the popcorn bags should be bigger for the price of $3 each and I probably won't be repurchasing these snacks simply because I can get more for my money at the grocery store.

The next snacks I requested were two bags of Sriacha roasted cashews. I wanted two bags because I have had them in the past and they were AMAZING and so addictive. Unfortunately the bags I received contained (in my opinion) an inferior batch of the flavored nuts. They were a bit sticky and stale and some of the nuts tasted rancid. :( I hate complaining and being so negative but I was seriously disappointed with these snacks. Maybe in a couple of months I will try the cashews again just because I know how great they can be.

The last snack I chose were the salt & pepper lentil loops. I am happy to report that I loooved this snack. Whoever discovered how to puff vegetables and legumes is my hero. Sure, lentil loops probably aren't much healthier than potato puff snacks but they are delicious and fun to eat. The pepper flavor really makes these snacks special. I liked the lentil loops so much I ate the entire bag in one sitting. Don't judge. :) I will definitely be repurchasing this snack!

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