January 15, 2016

Mail Goodies: Amazon

I am a bit of a online shop-a-holic and always enjoy getting packages in the mail (seriously, who doesn't?). I thought it would be fun to do a little show and tell each time I get something (no matter how random!) starting with these items I received from Amazon today.

1) Three pounds of Atomic FireBalls. I have a thing for buying bulk candy online though this is my first time purchasing these cinnamon candies in bulk. I LOVE FireBalls and I know I will eventually eat every single one of these.

2) A workout DVD from Kelly Coffey-Meyer called 30 Minutes to Fitness. I've never done any workouts by this trainer but this DVD was very highly reviewed and so I decided to give it a try. I did one of the workouts on the DVD today and it was decent. I usually determine whether or not I like a workout depending on how sore I am the next day so we will have to wait on the verdict for this one.

3) A Benebone Dental Chew. Zuzu has liked other chews from the same company and so I decided to give this rocking chew a try. It was bigger than I expected but she REALLY likes it and there are significant tooth marks on the four corners already.  Toys like these are great when she is in a feisty mood and trying to chew on everything.

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