January 29, 2016

Love Bit #5 Newhouse Desk Lamp

Brian and I have recently lost a few desk lamps to the jaws of our small canine and about a month ago I finally got around to ordering a new one on Amazon. This lamp was originally going to be placed on my vanity but it has some useful functions so it is now on my bedside table.  While it's not the most decorative lamp, I like how it's relatively small and it doesn't look too out of place next to my bed. Someday I will switch it out for something prettier but for now it works. I bought the lamp for about $35 (now it's at $27!), it turns on by touch and has multiple brightness options.  I especially appreciate the USB charging port in the back because it allows me to use my phone in bed while it's being charged (my charging cable is so short so this was impossible before).  I also like the fact that you can remove the power cord so if Zuzu happens to chew through this cord I don't have to buy a whole new lamp.  While I don't necessarily LOVE this lamp like my other "love bits' I wanted to share it because it's been working perfect for me!

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