January 22, 2016

Happiness Diary #1

Welcome to my first Happiness Diary! 
Each day I will share:

1) Something I ate that was delicious
2) An event that happened or task I accomplished
3) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy

4) Random photo of the day

Saturday (1-16-16)

1) I loved eating my dried mango. It's the "Just Mango Slices" from Trader Joe's, the kind with no added sugar. Addictive.
2) I spent some time in my studio cleaning and painting and it was nice to finally spend some time there.
3) Taking Zuzu to the park made me happy today even though it was cold and everyone kept slipping on the ice! The walk tired Zuzu out and she slept the entire time Brian was gone to tennis.
4) Photo: Sleepy Zuzu on the couch

1) The cottage cheese from Costco I ate today was so creamy and salty and really hit the spot.
2) I'm proud that Brian and I went shopping for our weekly meal plan and actually have dinners to make this coming week!
3) I'm so grateful for days off to relax and recharge, get things done and have fun!
4) Photo: Getting ready for the day. (Don't mind my extremely cluttered vanity.)
1) I made homemade beef and broccoli for dinner tonight and it came out surprisingly well considering I forgot to buy sauce and just used random ingredients in our fridge and pantry to add some flavor.
2) Today I completed a ballet DVD I haven't done in forever. I was dreading it but in end it wasn't bad at all and makes me want to do ballet more often!
3) I'm grateful for a clean kitchen after a long day.
4) Photo: Puppy snuggles :)

1) I roasted veggies for part of our dinner tonight (onions, peppers, sweet potatoes) and they were so good!
2) I was able to spend a good amount of time today writing things for my blog which always makes me happy and fulfilled.
3) It's been single digits and slippery roads the past few days and I am grateful for the safety I feel in my Subaru. A four wheel drive vehicle is a must in Michigan, how did I ever go without?
4) Photo: Just completed a nice yoga workout. 

1) I ate a some taffy from my Candy Club box. Definitely my favorite thing I ate today.
2) I had my first day of training at a new facility at work. I'm happy I volunteered for this new responsibility and I'm also happy the first day is over.
 3) I was thankful I was able to sleep in an hour this morning since I didn't have to work until 8:00. Apparently I really needed the sleep as I didn't wake up until my alarm went off! 
4) Photo: The view from my new break room. 

1) The best thing I ate today was the granola bar I had at lunch. I buy these from Costco, they are only 100 calories each and perfectly satisfy my sweet tooth. 
  2) I accomplished another day of training. I think I made the most of my time, trying to learn as much as I can before I am my own!
3) I'm grateful for my brain. I'm not the smartest or quickest in the world but I know without my brain and my work ethic I wouldn't be as competent or as appreciated as I am at my job.
4) Photo: Pretty obvious. Unfortunately I forgot to take the picture before I ate the thing but no big deal.
1) Brian and I are going to try to have fish or seafood every Friday so today I grabbed some salmon on the way home from work and we baked it in the oven using a meat thermometer (best gift ever!) so it came out perfectly.
2) I made it to the weekend! That always seems like an accomplishment in and of itself.
3) I was super grateful for my vinyl gloves I usually use for handling meat. I have a cut on my finger so I wore one of these while taking a shower and no painful stinging!
4) Photo: The gloves

I loved writing in my happiness diary this week, it's been fun and keeps me mindful. It takes dedication to write every single day and I hope I can keep up with it. Maybe I should start a theme with the pictures so they are not so random looking? Suggestions? Everything is always a work in progress, including myself I suppose, but anyway thanks for checking out my week!

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