May 4, 2016

Mail Goodies/ Half Bath Decor

Look what I recently received!


Here's the story:

Slowly but surely I've been accumulating little pieces of décor for our home.  FYI I'm probably the last person to ask for home décor advice because I just pick things that make me happy, even if they might not be the most attractive/stylish. The theme for our half bathroom is The Ocean (or some such thing). It started with this photo Brian purchased at Home Goods over a year ago:


A few months later I found these at Target and had to have them:

Along with the turtle and fishy Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works, (I like to alternate between them):

and the teal color I painted the cabinets under the sink:


we probably had way too much of the ocean theme going on.  But still, I had my heart set on a tapestry.  I had no idea how it was going to look and Brian was iffy about the whole tapestry thing and vetoed the original one I was planning on buying of this sweet looking jellyfish: 


Seeing as the size of a small tapestry is practically the size of the wall it would be going on, I reluctantly agreed it might be a bit too much for the small space.  Then had a Mother's Day sale where they offered 15% off and free shipping on EVERYTHING. I just couldn't resist. I decided to not go the jellyfish route and picked something a little more subtle.

This is how it turned out:

I should probably iron it again (it kept falling down) but I love the beach image and I think the tapestry works!  I still think the jellyfish would have been fun but this one is less in-your-face and the colors coordinate well with the other elements of the bathroom including the walls.  I like that it is unique and gives you something to look at when you're doing your business. Also, Brian didn't say to take it down so I'm assuming he loves it as much as I do. Hah.

The last thing I bought for the room was a new valence.  I like the simplicity of the white and how it lets in more light than the previous curtain which is nice for the bathroom and the hallway.  There might be an issue with privacy so we need to test that out, but the shutters definitely block out any private parts so don't worry.


Although the half bathroom is not 100% perfect (I would like to repaint the walls and trim and possibly replace the shutters) I can definitely live with the way it is for a while and can now focus on the many other projects calling my name!

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