May 28, 2016

Happiness Diary #19

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (5/21/16)

1) Photo: I painted the entire fence today!
2) I had an extended breakfast (I woke up too early) of loaded oatmeal, yogurt and Dunkin Donuts wake up wraps!
3) I accomplished a ton today: an early run, pruning/cleaning our new house plant, going to Thornapple River Nursery to order stones for the pool area, and painting the fence. I will try to stay up past 8:00 tonight but no promises. 
4) I am grateful for motivation and feeling like myself again. 

1) Photo: After doing some paint touch ups and cleaning out the garden bed (see white arrow) I relaxed on the deck and read my new book. 
2) NA
3) I was productive for about half of the day today which is good enough for me! Trying to stay present and not think about work tomorrow. 
4) I am grateful for a weekend off with such perfect weather. 

1) Photo: Our sitting room has its first occupant. ❤️
2) NA
3) Brian and I played ball with Zuzu in the yard instead of the basement which was a nice change and it really tired her out.  We all know how great a wiped puppy is. 
4) I'm grateful I get to work at the offsite lab tomorrow and sleeping in for twenty minutes is just a little bonus. 

1) Photo by LS
2) Black beans, cheese and Sriacha, my classic cheap and delicious lunch. 
3) I had another day with LS today. I didn't have anything planned except to pick her up and bring her to my house.  We ended up playing with Zuzu in the backyard and then playing Pass the Pigs, UNO Dare and Hedbanz. We also painted our nails right before we had to leave. 
4) I was super grateful my horrible headache/nausea went away after work. 

1) Photo: Spreading the stones in our garden bed. 
2) At work we had 'thank you' bagels and fruit from one of our interns and her college and it was the perfect breakfast. 
3) Brian and I managed to clear the driveway of all the stones that were delivered. I honestly didn't think we would get to them until next week so it was a huge accomplishment. Unfortunately we didn't get enough to fill the entire area along the white fence so we still have to get a few bags from Lowes but at least we are making progress!
4) One of my coworkers/supervisor offered to watch Zuzu on Friday and Saturday so we don't have to board her! I brought her over to meet his dogs to make sure they would get along and they did.  I am so happy I get to see Zuzu on Saturday night instead of waiting until Sunday afternoon!  


1) Photo: Will the beast ever learn?!
2) NA (This has been a pretty boring food week.)
3) I was not in the mood to do anything after work today but Brian suggested playing tennis and it was pretty fun. If we play again it will be one more time than last year!
4) I am grateful for one more day of work and the out of the next sixteen days I only have to work at the main lab twice!!!! It will be a much appreciated break and I can't wait. 


1) Photo: Sitting in the golf cart. 
2) The grilled chicken sandwiches we all had for dinner were my favorite meal of the day.
3) Brian and I headed to Lansing after work and we played nine holes of golf with our friends Mike and Sara and their friend Nate.  I was nervous to play because I hadn't picked up a club in over two years and I didn't even get any warm up shots at the range but I managed a few (maybe three) good hits and even got par on one of the holes!!  :)
4) I am grateful for an activity filled couple of days.

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