May 7, 2016

Happiness Diary #16

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy


Saturday (6/30/16)

 1) Photo: I forgot to have LS take a picture of something when she came over today. We were too busy playing with Zuzu and making chocolate chip cookies! LS made the big ones, I made the ones with the chocolate chips on top. :)
2) I had a wrap from a local café I had saved from yesterday and it was the perfect lunch. 

3) It's fun getting to know LS better and I'm thrilled she likes Zuzu.
4) I am so happy for my friend Erin and her new baby girl and I am grateful everyone is doing well. It's sad I live so far away but I send her my thoughts and love and a little package is on the way. :)


1) Photo: Zuzu is zonked. 
2) I ate a package of dried jackfruit which I have never had before. Brian hated it (with a passion) but I thought it was really good. 
3) Today was a perfect day off. I worked on a project (did a lot of painting), worked out (yoga), relaxed (watched GOT), got out of the house (went to Trader Joes), and went to bed with a clean kitchen. 😊
4) I am grateful for weather. Sure, it may have been rainy and cold this weekend but who says rainy and cold isn't beautiful. Not me. 


1) Photo: A bed of greens on a bed of (fake) greens. 
2) Orange chicken from Trader Joes was my favorite meal of the day. 
3) I was asked to represent my work at an appreciation breakfast later this month. Probably because the more qualified people couldn't/didn't want to go, but still it's nice to be asked and I hope I can make it work with my schedule. 
4) I am grateful for Zuzu's clean mustache. Haha (she got a bath). 


1) Photo: Look who's making progress on my coloring books and becoming more focused and mindful in the process! 
2) My dinner of zucchini, yogurt and popcorn was quite enjoyable tonight. 
3) My whole family minus Britt and Adam (☹️) are coming to visit on Fourth of July weekend!  I'm excited and trying not to stress about the food and where everyone will sleep. I'm sure it will all work out just fine.  It will be crazy but lots of fun! 
4) I'm so grateful I decided to take the two days after the Fourth of July off a few months ago, even though we didn't have any plans at the time. Because of the PTO black out dates my work put into effect over the summer it would be hard to get them off now! 


1) Photo: LS took this photo. "Stay strong," she says. 2) My Quirky candy.
3) I hung out with my LS again today. She came over and of course played with Zuzu and then we did half of a workout DVD before filling out our journal. She also met Brian for the first time though he was busy finishing up work and getting ready for tennis so we didn't hang around him for long. It was fun and she really really wants to go to Chucky Cheese so we "scheduled" it for five weeks from now. 
4) I was very grateful for not having to stay late at work for the computer upgrade presentation/discussion. 




 1) Photo: I won the bake off at work on Friday and this salad shaker was the prize. I might actually get some use out of this! Or save it for HFC white elephant gift. :)
2) Brian and I shared a juice from a local juice bar which had greens, apple, lemon, celery, cucumber, ginger, cinnamon, honey, cayenne. It was different and delicious. 
3) Brian and I took Zuzu on a long walk and then on the drive to the juice place (we are trying to get her to be more chill in the car). Here's to family time! :)
4) Today was a bit of a draining day at work but I am grateful I have helpful coworkers and that I get to train smart interns. 


1) Photo: Brian sent me this photo of the lady who ran inside Subway in order to get ahead of him and then proceed to order four subs. He was not happy and I tried to remind him to let it go and realize people are truly doing their best at any given moment. Not sure if it helped him and I know it's not necessarily true, but thinking this way has helped me stay positive when dealing with certain people and situations in my life. Thanks Brené
2) NA
3) I assembled a practice breakfast casserole in preparation for Holmberg Family Fourth of July. We will see if it's a keeper when we eat it tomorrow. 
4) It's Friday!!!!

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