May 20, 2016

Mail Goodies: Trunk Club and Amazon

Big UPS day at the Reed household!
It looks like a lot but the top three Amazon packages were basically free. A couple of days ago Amazon offered a bunch of different sample boxes from beauty to energy drinks to cleaning detergents.  The prices ranged about $7-20 but you receive a credit of that amount for a future purchase from the category of the box you order.  I decided to buy three of the boxes.

The woman's beauty box:

The protein bar box: 
This one looks especially interesting:
And the energy drink box:
We passed on the detergent box and the men's grooming box and a few others neither of us were very interested in. 
The last package was a Trunk Club box for Brian. He has received multiple Trunk Club boxes in the past but it has been a while since his last one.  It's kind of fun because he gets really excited about them and then puts on a fashion show for me and Zuzu.  Well, kind of. :)  Anyway, the clothes are always very good quality although they are pretty expensive.  There was a plain looking navy polo shirt in this box that was $80!  Heck no! What is nice about this club is there is no risk. If you don't like something you just send it back with free shipping both ways.  In the past Brian has sent back whole boxes because there was nothing he liked enough to buy.  He just schedules a pick up and UPS comes right to our door to get package.  The clothes Brian has purchased from the Trunk Club have held up really well and the jeans and pants he has bought are sooo soft, even the tailor could tell they were good quality.  The club is a great little service for Brian because he doesn't love going shopping and now that his stylist has all of his sizes everything she sends him fits perfectly.  If you are interested in trying out Trunk Club ask for Brian's stylist Jessica Harty and tell her he sent you! (<--not sure if this is possible.)
The chambray shirt is a keeper!

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