May 11, 2016

Love Bit: Music

I haven't written a Love Bit post in a while so I thought I would share a few of my current favorite albums.


I discovered Børns and his debut album Dopamine about a month ago while looking for new music to download and have listened to it practically every day since. The music is indie popish which is right up my alley and not only is the main singer (Garrett Borns) originally from Michigan, but Taylor Swift gave a ringing endorsement on her Instagram a while back. Pretty convincing if you ask me. :)

I could never pick a favorite song on Dopamine but if you want a taste check out Electric Love , and American Money. Good stuff.


Rachel Platten

I've been listening to Rachel Platten a few months now and love almost every song on her album Wildflower, which is her first major-label album. (The only song I don't care for is Hey Hey Halleluiah, but if it ends up being your favorite I won't judge.) Rachel is relatively newly famous . She has been trying for years to make it big in the music industry and has finally succeeded in becoming a pop star with her two hits Fight Song  and Stand By You.
I could probably listen to Wildfire on repeat and never get sick of it.

Knowing that Rachel is older than me (34) makes me like her music even more, though I still have no shame in loving those Disney grown pop stars. I hope Rachel sticks around for a while; I would love to hear more from her!

Blue October

I have been a fan of the alternative band Blue October for quite a while. They are one of the handful of bands I've actually seen in concert and have been around since 1998.  I believe their latest album Home is their ninth record.  Justin Furstenfeld, the lead singer of Blue October is a bit of a tormented soul and has gone through many challenges including depression and drug addiction and the music definitely reflects those parts of his life.  Not all of the tracks are dark however, some of my all-time favorite songs such as Calling You (this was kind of "our song" when Brian and I were dating) and Congratulations are quite the opposite. I admit I do enjoy an angry Justin song now and then though.

Home is Blue October's most positive album to date and Justin is currently in a really good place (according to his posts on Facebook).  I've only listened to the album a handful of times but I like it and plan on listening to it more, especially because it's a band Brian doesn't mind listening to which is somewhat rare.

I don't know how people get stuck listening to songs they have listened to for years and years and years and turn their noses up at new music that is currently being released.  Discovering amazing new artists and listening to new albums from my favorite artists are some of the best things in life. I will never have enough new music!

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