May 6, 2016

Mail Goodies: Sugarpova Quirky Candy

Woohoo, my Sugarpova order came!

I'm obsessed with this soft chewy candy and have repurchased it again and again. Unfortunately I have to buy it online and I will only let myself place an order when Sugarpova offers free shipping but luckily they have good deals pretty often. Last Cyber Monday they had an awesome offer with free shipping and half off (from what I remember) and I got six bags of Quirky (this I definitely remember).

The weird thing about my obsession is that this candy doesn't even taste very good. The outer licorice-like shell has a decent strawberry flavor but the center, which has a firm marshmallowy texture and is supposed to taste like vanilla, is extremely artificial in flavor with a slightly rancid aftertaste. How quirky am I for liking this stuff?  I think the reason I keep buying it is because the texture reminds me of another one of my favorite candies, Pico Balla which I haven't had in forever because it's much more expensive than it used to be. SweeTart Ropes also have a similar situation with a soft licorice outside and foamy soft center though I definitely don't like them as much as Quirky. 
Sugarpova also offers a sour version of Quirky that is the same candy only doused in a layer of tart sugar. They aren't bad but I much prefer the original. If you ever feel like making a Sugarpova purchase give Quirky a try! (or come over in the next few days :)) Though I won't blame you if you take a pass after my winning description of the odd flavor. More for me.

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