April 30, 2016

Happiness Diary #15

Another week, I'm on a roll!
Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy

Saturday (6/23/16)

1) Photo: I took a walk at break today and had to snap a picture of this blooming beauty. (There was an ugly metal thing in the ground so I edited it out with my sub-par editing skills/apps.)
2) I made some turmeric milk after dinner. I really like the flavor of turmeric but I mostly eat it for it's health benefits, especially the anti-inflammatory properties.

3) I worked on my vision book and am writing a blog post about it as well.
4) I am grateful for this beautiful day.

1) Photo: It was pretty sunny on our way home from dinner with the family. Brian rarely remembers his sunglasses but my pink flowery ones work in a pinch. (p.s. This is what happens when you don't keep tabs on your wife's blog. :D )
2) We had a delicious salmon and steak dinner at my in-laws.
3) I did yoga today which I haven't done in quite some time. I need to get back with it though because I'm not as limber as I used to be and it's affecting my running. Not good!
4) I am grateful for Sunday dinners with Brian's family.

1) Photo: Walking the dog. Pretty happy with ourselves.
2) Too many things.
3) I was not smart with my eats today and it led me to being very unmotivated and lazy. At least I went on the dog walk and bought some groceries!
4) I love rain storms. Well except when they occur in the middle of the night and wake me up or cut the electricity but tonight it was just a good old evening thunderstorm. 


1) Photo: Today was an ice cream filled day.
2) See above.
3) Brian and I went to Sherwin Williams to buy three gallons of paint tonight Unfortunately I had the dates wrong and their 40% off sale ended yesterday. I was soo sad/mad at myself and Brian tried to convince me why it was a good thing we missed out on saving almost 40 dollars. It didn't really work but I appreciated the gesture and the fact he doesn't get annoyed with me. Ever. ❤️
4) I am grateful I was a lazy glutton yesterday because if I wasn't, I wouldn't have loved my run with Beth so much because I would have been too sore and tired. Right?! Right.


1) Photo: Since its against the rules to write my Little Sister's (LS) name or post a picture of her, whenever we get together she is going to take a picture for my blog! I told her she can take a picture of anything at all and today she took one of the first page of our journal we are keeping together. When I asked her why she said, "For memories." :) 
2) I had Hungry Howie's pizza and cake at work today. Mmm. 
3) LS and I had a great first get together, playing at the park, writing in our journal and listening to Sam Smith. 
4) I am grateful for having the motivation and desire to go from thinking I should do something meaningful to becoming a member of the BBBS program and getting matched with a little sister. I think this is the beginning of something great! 


1) Photo: Churro cheesecake bars (with the unattractive edges cut off and in my belly).
2) I loove my tuna with melted cheese and Sriracha dinners.
3) I didn't get any painting done but I did make the bars for the bake off at work tomorrow. They aren't the best batch I've ever made (I lost some of the butter for the crust because it bubbled over) but they will do!
4) I am grateful for having enough sugar for the bars. That was a close one. (Sort of.)


1) Photo: It took me a loong time to color in half of this owl. These markers are so thin it would LITERALLY take me decades to fill this entire book at the rate I'm going. It's a good way to kill time though!
2) I ate one of Beth's Pinterest chocolate cookies today and they were not a #pinterestfail! I'm actually craving another one right now and I'm not even a huge chocolate fan.
3) I accomplished this week that looked great on paper (a short week in good departments with great coworkers, also -lab week) but in reality it was a little stressful and not super enjoyable. I'm positive next week will be much better.
4) I am ridiculously happy it is the weekend. I have my day all planned out for tomorrow and hopefully Sunday will be productive as well. I guess we'll find out soon!


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