December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016

According to some people, 2016 was the worst year ever. While the world did suffer some pretty sucky moments, instead of dwelling on the negative I am going to list sixteen positive things that happened in the little world that is my life (in no particular order).

1) Brian and I made some progress on the house: painting the fireplace and bar area, creating the greenery, painting other areas of the house, installing LED lights, getting a new kitchen faucet, having a huge oak tree cut down, etc.

2) Brian and I hit our emergency savings goal and opened a Roth IRA for me.

3) Brian and I replaced the Buick with Heidi's Honda.

4) Zuzu matured a bit and although still likes to chew on the occasional slipper, kitchen mat, curtain and radiator, she has stopped destroying toilet paper, having accidents, and chewing on walls and no longer gives me new parent anxiety.

5) I trained at the urgent care lab at work.


6) Brian and I experienced an epic Hawaiian vacation.


4) Brian's tennis team made it to nationals in California


7) I passed the molecular diagnostics program at Michigan State.


8) Brian and I became an uncle and aunt twice on the Holmberg side.


9) I became a Big Sister in the Big Brother Big Sister program.


11) Brian and I became members at Fighthouse MMA.

12) I read many great life-improvement books including How Not to Die and The Universe Has Your Back (and am currently reading The Book of Joy).

13) I started Happiness Diary posts on the blog and managed to stay somewhat consistent with them.

14) Brian and I spent quality time with family and friends. (Times like: Holmberg visit to Grand Rapids, Reed game night, Shea's pool party, Fitz and the Tantrum's concert with Beth and Nick, lunch and movie dates with the girls, regular hiking meet-ups with Tessa, and hang outs with the Labadie and Gough's.) 

15) I bought a new laundry hamper.
16) Zuzu eats new dog food.

Ok, the last two are a stretch but if I think of any more in the near future I will write them in.

Anyway, I am eternally grateful for this past year and I am excited to see what 2017 has in store for the world and my life. My only resolution for 2017 is to try to make it as good or better than 2016.

Happy New Year everyone!

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