December 24, 2016

Happiness Diary #48

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (12/17/16)
1) Photo: A little broccoli to balance out the ice cream situation.
2) Thai food deliciousness and peppermint ice cream of course. 
3) Brian did a ton on shoveling today while I worked out and did some laundry and then we watched Christmas movies. 
4) I am grateful for my "general vitality combined with a good probability of longevity" (aka. health).   


1) Photo: Walk at Burton park
2) Pizza and breadsticks. Tsk tsk. 
3) We kind of forced a snowy and cold winter walk this morning but it made Zuzu tired which is always a good thing.  
4) I am grateful for the beautiful snow. 


1) Photo: Sushi lunch half off!
2) See above
3) I went to the 9:30 MMA class and then had lunch with some coworkers and now the day is almost over. I could totally be a retired person!
4) I am grateful for yoga mats. No more back hematomas for me!

1) Photo: Apparently we did lots of right leg kicks yesterday.  At least it's not shorts season. 
2) NA
3) I'm getting sick, ugh. I always notice I'm getting sick in the middle of the night and it fills me with dread.  I suppose a break from kicking isn't the worst thing in the world and my illnesses are usually very mind so I can't complain.
4) I am grateful for a chance to heal up my shin and not have to wear wimpy shin guards. ;)

1) Photo: Our festive little gingerbread house
2) Christmas cookies from my thoughtful and motivated neighbors.
3) I had my Little come over to decorate a gingerbread house! We even incorporated some of the neighbor cookies (see Christmas tree).  Two hours goes by fast when you are being creative.
4) I am grateful my Little noticed we forgot the gingerbread house only a minute after we left to bring her home, it could have been a lot longer drive than usual!

1) Photo: Early morning stair session, I did it just to warm up, I was freezing!
2) NA
3) I had my new badge photo taken! Actually not exciting at all and it turned out pretty awful but that's all I have to report from today.  After work I had a low key evening trying to get rid of my sore throat with neti pots and salt water gurgling and nasal sprays and cold meds.
4) I am grateful the kitchen can be a mess and Brian doesn't mind. (I'll clean it tomorrow!)

1) Photo: Brian and his "cavapoo anchor". Apparently it's very had to get things done with a cavapoo on your lap.
2) NA
3)  Brian and I met our new neighbor and her mom (who is visiting for the holidays) when we brought Zuzu to the dog park tonight which was very nice.  I suggested we get together sometime after the holidays and hopefully we actually do! In other news I'm still not feeling well enough to go to fitness class but at least I went to one session this week. I spent the rest of the night wrapping and tidying and getting ready for the next three days at HPE.
4) I am grateful for a pressure cooker from my parents! I can't wait to put it to use!


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