April 16, 2016

Happiness Diary #13

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy

 Saturday (4/9/16)

1) Photo: It was another beautiful winter wonderland this morning. Last snow of the season?
2) Thai food for dinner! Note to self: Never order "extra hot" again. What was I thinking?? 

3) I did a tough leg workout then wandered around the neighborhood with Brian and Zuzu for almost an hour. And that's how you get 10,000 steps in on a Saturday.
4) I was happy to wake up to my favorite kind of snow, the kind that sticks on trees. :)


1) Photo: I walked Zuzu solo while Brian and Jamie went trail running at the park. It was wet and snowy and Z was soaked afterwards but still, good times.
2) I ate chicken strips from Culvers. I don't think I've eaten Culvers since I lived in Marquette.  I haven't missed it, but the strips were pretty tasty.
3) I did a few things but definitely wasn't the most motivated today. :(
4) I am grateful for new days.


1) Photo: We did some Costco shopping today. We only got one sample (boo) but purchased some yummy stuff! 
2) NA

3) I finally pruned my raspberry bushes, something I've been meaning to do since the beginning of winter! I also had a little chat with our next door neighbor Cindy for the first time (I don't think she gets out too much). She is a very nice lady. 
4) I am grateful for new music. 



1) Photo: Brian saw this old dog wandering around our neighborhood. He had a sore on his ear and was a little  distrusting but Brian was able to lure him with some chicken and put the collar around his neck. Our neighbor called animal control to come get him. Poor guy. We have seen multiple dogs wandering without owners. What is wrong with people?
2) The dried coconut I bought from Costco is so addictive!! It would be even better if there was no added sugar. 

3) I'm making it a goal to do some work in the basement for at least 15 minutes a day up to one hour. I always feel bad when days have gone by and I haven't worked on any projects because my project list is a mile long. It's time to start to chipping away.
4) I am grateful for long warm showers. Remembering my college shower experiences makes me really me appreciate this luxury. 



1) Photo: Sun and warmth starting tomorrow! YAS.
2) NA
3) I spoke with a BBBS social worker and now I have four "littles" to choose from! It will be a hard decision but luckily I don't think it's possible to make a wrong one.
4) I am grateful for Brian's advice. He helps me see things more clearly and is always happy to talk things through.


1) Photo: I'm trying to get the workshop/studio in order and tonight I spent most of my time organizing my ribbon! Look how accessible they are now! *dorky emoticon*
2) NA
3) I think Zuzu somersaulted and got trampled one too many times yesterday at the DP (she never knows when to stop playing). She was acting weird last night and yelped when I adjusted her on my lap and today she's had lots of diarrhea but at least she's acting normally? I'm not sure this fits into the #3 category but it's all I have today. :)
4) I'm happy I went for my 4.5 mile run even though I had to walk twenty times. At least I got out and enjoyed the sun!


1) Photo: Part of Brian's face and a random dude and The Mitten bar and PIZZA.
2) I've been wanting to eat at The Mitten Brewing Co. for a loong time and Brian and I finally went tonight and got their pizza flight. SOO good. If their Mediterranean pizza was the only pizza I could eat for the rest of my life I wouldn't be disappointed at all.
3) I have officially chosen my Little and am excited to schedule the initial meeting!
4) I am grateful for new experiences. And also grateful Zuzu is her normal self today! 

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