April 23, 2016

Happiness Diary #14

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy

 Saturday (4/16/16)

1) Photo: It was the perfect temperature for relaxing on the porch with some chocolate this evening. If it gets above 70 it becomes scorching hot so I'm enjoying it now!
2) I ate lots of yummy munchies at the wedding shower tonight including Alona's tuna pasta. 

3) I went to Teresea's wedding shower today and though we didn't stay for the games/gift opening it was fun to help prepare for her party.
4) I am grateful for my blog and having a fun way to share pieces of my life. 


1) Photo: Killer workout today! 
2) I had the peanut saut√© from Noodles and Company. My fave!
3) This Sunday was much better than last. I organized the workshop, started my vision book, talked to my sister ❤️, worked out, took Zuzu to the DP, relaxed on the deck, and enjoyed every minute as much as I could. I probably could have eaten less candy but hey, nobody's perfect. :)
4) I am grateful for meaningful conversations. 

1) Photo: Nooo...Those were my go with everything heels Zuzu!!
2) I love eating a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans in the afternoon. Gives me a boost for the rest of the day. 
3) I scheduled a date to meet my Little and also enjoyed an 80 degree hike. When you have a dog and get outdoors often it's fun to really notice nature change from winter to summer and back again. 
4) I was soo grateful to work in a different department than I was planning on at work today! Less stressful day than anticipated!


1) Photo: It's not every day you get to hold $1,600! Sadly it's not ours for long.
2) Movie popcorn!

3) Brian and I have proven to be pretty bad at scheduling our intended weekly date night but today I decided I really wanted to see The Jungle Book so we went after work and it was pretty good! Next time we have to plan more in advance so I can have more time to look forward to it. :)
4) I am grateful for Brian and how he takes charge of scheduling appointments for the household. i.e. mower and trimmer tune ups, tree removal, pool pump repair, Terminex appointments and more. I don't know what I would do without him! Well, besides own a place that didn't require any of these things. 

1) Photo: The gigantic tree in our pool area came down today! I'm sad because it was beautiful and perfectly healthy but it was in a poor location so we had to take it down. By "we" I mean the five men who came to remove it. Apparently one was an Amish guy who didn't wear any gloves. I told Brian to take lots of pictures and video because I wanted to see the process but this was the only photo he took. Boo.
2) Leftover movie popcorn?

3) I worked on the bar counter in the basement and also on a little project for the side of the garage above Zuzu's potty area. I love beautifying our home even if the results arent exactly what I expect/hope for.
4) I am grateful for doggy day care having an opening for Zuzu tomorrow even though we called last minute.

1) Photo: Brian. Yawning. How adorable. :D
2) I had a salted caramel shortbread cookie at work for "snack day Thursday" and it was ridiculously good. 

3) I was tired when I got home from work so I didn't do very much besides work out. I'm happy I did that anyway!
4) I am so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Hopefully my brain will let me as I have a big to do list! 

1) Photo: Brian and I watched the kids tonight and for a while Laney and I did puzzles while Shea watched a show at the neighbors and Brian had dog duty.
2) We got Noodles and Co. for dinner and I had the Bangkok Curry with tofu. I originally wanted the buff bowl but Jamie got me the noodle bowl and I'm really glad he did because I was starving!
3) I met my Little today! She seems like a very sweet 10 year old and I'm looking forward to hanging out next week!!
4) I am grateful for good news and a doctors appointment that went well. 

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