April 7, 2016

Crab Fest 2016

Two Fridays ago Brian and I hosted Crab Fest 2016(!) for our crab loving friends Mike and Sara. Our last Crab Fest night was way back in 2013 at Sara's old house so we were long overdue for our second one.  

Brian only had to work half the day on Good Friday so after work he brought Zuzu to the dog park and gave her a bath in hopes of tiring her out. He also picked up over seven pounds of crab legs from Costco. There were only eight legs in total and so they were HUGE. 

Because of course we couldn't just have the crab (well, we could but it would have been a little more pricy), I needed to prepare a few side dishes. 

On Thursday I prepped shrimp taco bites and bought some sushi for filler. When I got home on Friday I had one hour to change, assemble the taco bites, plate the sushi, boil and bake the smashed potatoes, prepare and bake the Red Lobster biscuits, and make the garlic butter and brown butter for crab dipping. I felt like a whirlwind in the kitchen. 




After our amazing dinner we sat outside for a bit and let Boyd and Zuzu run around. The neighbor dogs were out so they got to socialize across the fence and Boyd found a shoe in the woods which he was very excited about. When it got too chilly (for me anyway) we headed back inside. 


Brian and I bought creme brule for dessert but no one was hungry for it so I just ate candy and we all nibbled on the popcorn Mike and Sara brought. The pizza rolls I bought for midnight snacks never left the freezer but that's ok because it meant everyone had enough to eat, something I always worry about! We always like to play a game or two when we get together and tonight we played a couple rounds of Ticket to Ride, and Exploding Kittens. 

I ended up going to bed much too late but it was worth it! Another fun night in the books.  Or, more accurately, the blog. :)

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