April 9, 2016

Happiness diary #12

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy

 Saturday (4/2/16)

1) Photo: Snow! Our poor tulips.
2) I had some of Brian's beef and broccoli Chinese take out-yum!

3) It was another enjoyable weekend work day. I completed a good chunk of the molecular exam!
4) I am grateful that even though it snowed today, warmer weather is right around the corner. 



1) Photo: Zuzu at Chow Hound making friends and checking out the goods. Also she peed on their carpet. 😫
2) Brian got Pizza Hut for dinner because there was a big WWE event and I had some of the new hot pepper breadsticks. They were tasty!
3) I had a stressful moment at work today but I did some problem solving and got results out as quickly as possible. 
4) I am grateful for my work experience and my ability to stay calm and think things through. 


1) A bit of countertop cosmetology happening in the basement. We never get use out of the bar area but at least it we can make it look semi decent.
2) I had a bowl of tuna with cheese and hot sauce. Something I haven't had in a loong time and really hit the spot. 
3) It was my day off work and though I wasn't super productive I'm happy I worked out, took Zuzu on a walk and the DP (dog park) and started cutting the contact paper. Could have been worse!
4) I am grateful for Zuzu. I think she loves me more than Brian. ☺️


1) Photo: Another hike with Z.
2) NA

3) I felt tired and blah the entire day today so just getting through work was an accomplishment.
4) I accidentally left my keys in my purse (which I keep in my car) and totally thought I locked myself out when I was leaving work today but THANK THE LORD I forgot to lock my car this morning!  Ridiculously grateful. 


1) Photo: Chillin on the floor in front of a dirty mirror. Exciting times.
2) A Smart Ones frozen pizza was probably the best thing I ate today. 

3) I feel like I didn't do anything super meaningful today but I did climb over 50 flights of stairs per my FitBit and worked on the basement countertop.
4) I'm grateful for my comfy bed. 


1) Photo: Running with Beth!
2) Brian and I were planning on getting BBQ from Pit Stop tonight but they were out of boneless chicken so I had D&W sushi instead. Not as good but I don't mind an average sushi roll now and then.
3) After debating whether or not we wanted to go running in the cold/windy/snowy weather Beth and I decided to tough it out and I'm SO glad we did!
4) I am grateful that tomorrow is Friday!!!



1) Photo: John and Heidi were recently in Florida for a month and they sent us a box of Florida oranges, grapefruit and honey/marmalade. This is the photo we sent to them to say thank you. :)
2) My dinner consisted of left over salmon, yogurt, a pb covered granola bar and an apple. It was goodish.
3) I made a list/plan for the weekend so it doesn't pass by with me feeling regretful because I wasted it.
4)  I am grateful for the beautiful snow and not having to work tomorrow!

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