April 27, 2016

My Vision Board (Book)

I have always been intrigued by the idea of a vision board. While I believe in the power of positive thinking and the idea that it can attract positive things to my life, having the power to manifest things, (especially material things) just by sticking pictures on a poster board and slightly obsessing over them, seems far fetched. It's not an idea I completely reject however, especially when it involves a creative project that brings me back to my grade school days.  I chose to make my vision board in a book format because the idea of having a vision board seemed limiting, yet creating multiple boards seemed overwhelming. I want to have separate spaces for a variety of goals/manifestations such as: things I want to be, things I want to have, and things I want to achieve. Using a book format I can dedicate a few pages to each vision and I can also create fun pages for things that inspire me or things that I love. Like flowers.


Also because the book is so small (about 5x8) it would be easy to carry around with me or share if I desired.

The first pages of my vision book are for my possible (or should I say definite?) vacation to Hawaii in September and what I hope to get out of the experience. I've been on vacations in the past that haven't lived up to my expectations and when they are over I feel unsatisfied, disappointed and lethargic. It makes me start to think that I dislike the disruption of vacations and traveling and would rather just stay at home in my normal routine. I want to get out of this mindset because everyone needs a break sometimes and there is SO much traveling can offer!


I think the reason I feel crappy at the end of vacations is because even though I may spend hours planning fun activities for our time off, I don't set intentions for myself of how I want to be and think and feel. Creating a vision of the perfect Hawaiian vacation will hopefully help me to remember to stay present and truly be grateful for what I am experiencing. If I have a clear picture of what I want from the vacation and how I am going to achieve it maybe post-vacation blues will be something of the past.
Whether or not creating a vision book will allow me to go on the perfect vacation or be the perfect human or buy the perfect digital camera (a Canon G7X in case I want to start vlogging), I am enjoying taking the time to put it together. I think this could be a fun ongoing project and something that might be helpful and interesting to look back on. When the Hawaii vacation has long passed I can still go back to those pages and remind myself to be relaxed and inspired and in the moment, even in normal every day life!

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