April 2, 2016

Happiness Diary #11

Another week has gone by!  I have decided to start numbering these posts so it's easier to refer back to them if necessary. 

Every day I share:
1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy

 Saturday (3/26/16)

1) Photo: Brian and me at Manna Cafe for Easter breakfast. Those are our tired eyes.
2) I had the breakfast quinoa at Manna which was so indulgent and delicious. It's packed with walnuts, dried cranberries and cream and is so filling! 
3) I started painting the fireplace and am loving that my motivation to do home projects seems to be here to stay!
4) I'm grateful for long naps to recover from a five hour night of sleep.


1) Photo: Brian and I took Zuzu (you can see her little rear if you look closely) on a 50 minute nature hike at one of our favorite parks.
2) We had fish tacos and chips and guacamole at the Walshes tonight. Not exactly a traditional Easter dinner but good nonetheless. 
3) Even though I didn't have time for a workout today (I kind of forgot we had plans at 4:00), we did go for a long walk and I got a lot of painting done on the fireplace so I'm happy.
4) I am grateful for family.


1) Photo: Since I don't have a fun picture from today I will post this one of Brian on our hike yesterday. It was a very cool coniferous section of the trail. 
2) NA 
3) Brian and I went to Lowes to buy paint even though I wasn't really feeling it (see below) and I'm very happy we can start painting the office again soon.  
4) I am grateful for a husband who never gets annoyed with me, even when I realize I forgot the Lowes giftcard halfway to the store and we have to drive all the way home to get it and when I say I don't want to go all the way to Lowes again he says it was just a minor set back and drives us back to pick up the paint and paint samples I really wanted and then goes home and happily walks the dog alone so I can rest my tired soul. ❤️


1) Photo: The kids came over for a little while last night and after playing Uno we made an obstacle course in the basement and they ran themselves ragged. 
2) I've been eating fat free plain yogurt with cinnamon and lots of honey and it's been delicious!!
3) We are always up for watching the kids and even though they can be a bit of a handful sometimes, they are such great kids and it's fun to spend time with them and make happy memories together.
4) I am grateful for a husband who is wonderful with children. 


1) Photo: I painted these swatches in the basement (and on three other walls) but I have a very hard time imagining what they would look like if the entire room was painted one of the shades. Perhaps I need to paint an entire wall with the samples...
2) I had some Sriacha roasted cashews from NatureBox and this batch was much better than recent bags I've received - thank goodness they are back to normal!
3) I went to the second Lab Week meeting today which was good because we have the week pretty well planned out. I'm glad I'm on the committee this year but I just have this pet peeve about being at work when I'm not being paid. I get a little anxious and feel like eee I really need to get out of here! It's just a personal flaw of mine. :) I suppose I need to work on being more generous with my time.
4) I saw someone wearing steel toe shoes today and I thought about how awful it would be if something fell down and cut off my toes. It made me very grateful that my toes are attached to my feet. True story.


1) Photo: While running some errands today we stopped by a specialty food store and I bought these goodies.
2) I bought and ate some of my beloved dried peas I bought from the food store (they were on the bottom of the bag). I didn't get the wasabi peas this time and I don't miss them.
3) I took Zuzu to the vet for her yearly checkup and besides being perhaps one or two pounds overweight (nothing to lose sleep over says the vet) she received a clean bill of health and was admired for her super happy and friendly yet relaxed demeanor.
4) I am grateful for the good possibility of going to Hawaii in September! Looking forward to vacations is one of the best things about them!


1) Photo: Super sweet sweaty selfie. Me after my run.
2) NA
3) I received texts from two people about work yesterday and so I was dreading working today but I went in with a positive attitude and as always it was better than I could have asked for. Thank you Jesus! 😊
4) I am grateful for my lovely coworkers. 

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