March 30, 2016

Trixie Flipboard Review

One of my favorite things in life is buying Zuzu treats and toys. Not only does she go crazy excited for new things but it keeps her out of mischief for a while which Brian and I loove. The latest toy I bought her was the level two strategy game by Trixie. I didn't buy level one because one review stated, "unless your dog is disabled, start with level two" and I obeyed.

We didn't do any of the training things the guide suggested before letting Zuzu try out the game. We also filled the game with her dog food which is maybe why she seemed more interested in the little cups than finding the food. She did manage to find all of the food in about four minutes on her very first try:

The next few days we tried again, this time with some yummy smelling treats. This is Zuzu on about day five. She finds all the treats pretty quickly though she still doesn't exactly have the hang of the levers. She just randomly paws and nudges at the thing until the lid lifts and she is able to get to the treat. 

The puzzle is well made and I appreciate the rubberized bottom though it's still easy for her to move it around. It's fun to watch Zuzu use her brain, but it's disappointing it doesn't take much time for her to find all the treats. (She would chew on the cups forever though if we let her.) The game was only about $17 so I don't feel like I wasted a ton of money though I'm not sure how much more use we will get from it.  Maybe it will be a nice distraction for when she gets bored and starts to grumble at us to play, but she does need to be supervised while playing with it so it's not a toy that gives us any free time. It is fun to watch her play with it though.

I would give the Trixie toy a 2.5 out of 5 stars.  

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