July 30, 2016

Happiness Diary #28

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (7/23/16)

1) Photo: Emptied vodka bottles. Not by me of course. :P
2) The worst thing I ate today was a half a cherry with a maggot inside (idk if I can eat cherries anymore) and the best thing was ice cream and pizza. 
3) We had Mike and Sara over for a pool day and everyone had a great time including the dogs. Also, I discovered Butterfinger flurries are way better than peanut butter cup flurries but maybe it was just because mine didn't have enough chunks. I still have yet to find my favorite. 
4) I am grateful for perfect pool day weather once again. 


1) Photo (from yesterday): Luckily this did not end in disaster.
2) Too many good leftovers
3) Today was a major veg day watching lots of movies and procrastinating on the tidying. 
4) The thunderstorm this morning made me very happy. I kind of wished it would last all day so I would feel less guilty about doing nothing. :D


1) Photo: A stack of bowls got caught in the storm Sunday morning and I didn't want them to go to waste so I hand washed them.  And there they are drying.  Yup. 
2) I bought some sprouted tortillas from Costco and they are really quite good.
3) I felt under the weather today (weekend hangover) but I did everything on my to do list (including a dreaded workout) and afterward I felt much better.
4) I am grateful for reminders to be healthy.


1) Photo: My poor neglected summer raspberries. Maybe I'll be more attentive with my fall crop. 
2) NA
3) I worked at the offsite lab today and decided to leave a little early so I could have extra time to work out and get some painting done. Not that I mind being at that site, I kind of wish I could work there full time.
4) I am grateful for my wonderful husband who brought my lunch to me because I accidentally grabbed the wrong container which was full of my boiled eggs. Without him the lab would have been very stinky. 


1) Photo: Blue pool toes. 
2) Pretzel chips and hummus
3) Today was another pool day with my LS. Her older sister wanted to come swimming too so I picked them both up on my way home from work and we had a chill evening in the pool. It was much more enjoyable than the children's museum, ha. 
4) I am grateful for natural light and windows in my home. 


1) Photo: I don't normally eat and walk but I was starving after my workout and Brian wanted to walk ASAP so we could beat the storm so here I am. Stuffing my face in public. 
2) Triple cream wild mushroom brie from TJ's. It should be illegal it is SO  good. 
3) Not much to say about today except we went to Trader Joe's and even though I had brushed my teeth before I couldn't help but dig into some goodies when we got home.  Everyone should brush three times a day anyway right? 
4) I am grateful for being able to get stronger. 


1) Photo: I looked down and there was purple. 
2) NA
3) Today was an enjoyable day of work and I am so happy to have the whole weekend ahead of me! Shall I Snap? We shall see! 
4) I am grateful for lacrosse balls. They work very well for myofascial release, especially on sore feet.  

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