July 9, 2016

Happiness Diary #25

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (7/2/16)

1) Photo: The Holmberg Family Fourth is on!
2) I made chicken fajitas and tacos tonight for dinner. The veggies may have been a little over done but it still tasted good to me!
3) Today was the day my family arrived (minus two of my sisters and their significant others ☹️). Skye and Mitch got here a few hours before my parents and it was nice to have time with them before the wild party really got started. (Haha)
4) I'm sad I didn't take enough pictures to make a whole post about the weekend but I'm happy I was living in the moment and I'm grateful everyone arrived safe.  


1) Photo: The HFF menu and a few of the items I prepared today. Note to self: Next time make more potatoes so we can have more leftovers the next day!  Also, a little less olive oil would be great.
2) Rice Krispie treats
3) I'm definitely not used to being a hostess and having to think about all the
 food and snacks and when to start making meals, etc. I did a ton of food prep and cooking yesterday morning though so it was pretty easy to pull all the meals together.  Also it is nice my family are wonderful guests who are undemanding especially when it comes to food. :) The highlight of the day was playing Spikeball with the family (Thanks for the game Skye and Mitch!)
4) I'm grateful it was a perfect pool day!


1) Photo: I bought this four pound bag of salmon dog food for $2 online and I'm going to use it as treats for Zuzu because she loves the stuff. We won't have to buy treats for a while! 
2) Leftover fajitas and guacamole
3) Everyone left today 😢 I got a good start on tidying the house and also enjoyed a lot of relax time. Gretchen and the kids came over for a little bit today but Brian and I were a little pooled out so we went inside after a little while and watched Independence Day.
4) I'm grateful for freedom (Happy Fourth of July!) and for having the next two days off!


 photo image_zpsmrouuieg.gif  
1) Photo: My sister Meara bought a few gifts for Zuzu including this stuffed bone Zuzu really wanted to get her paws on.
2) Leftover Rice Krispies
3) The house is back to normal and I did a workout DVD for the first time in quite a while! It feels good to get back into it. In other news I found out my sister Britt is having a baby girl! Woohoo I guessed right! 😊
4) I am grateful for making the most of my time off.


1) Photo: I burned this piece of bread in the toaster and it was smoking so much I panicked and threw it outside to get rained on.

2) Too many Gushers. Typical.
3) I didn't leave the house today except to take Zuzu on a short but sweaty walk. I did get in 30 minutes of painting, did some online shopping and worked out.
4) I am grateful I am not sick yet (Brian started to get a cold yesterday) and am hopeful the sickness will skip me like usual.


1) Photo: LS and me at the movies. 
2) Movie popcorn!
3) I knew I wanted a low key get together with LS today so we decided to go see The Jungle Book. I have seen it before but was happy to see it again. I told LS some parts might be a little scary and that made her want to see it even more. :)
4) I am grateful for purses big enough to fit two drinks and extra snacks!



1) Photo: I've been obsessed with fresh flowers in my house the past couple of weeks.
2) Chips and guac
3) My biggest accomplishment today was fixing the pantry shelf/drawer that broke two days ago. I had waay too many canned goods sitting on it and the track broke and sent the shelf crashing down. We've been living in kitchen chaos since and it's nice to finally have the counters clear again.
4) I'm grateful for a lovely non-stressful Friday at work and even though I only worked two days this week I'm very happy it's the weekend!


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