July 23, 2016

Happiness Diary #27

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (7/16/16)

1) Photo: My Zulily package finally arrived three weeks after placing the order! It's ok though because I like everything, a relief because nothing is returnable. 
2) I made garlic and chickpea shrimp pasta for dinner. 
3) Brian brought Zuzu to the park while I ran around it twice. Then we came home and chilled in the pool. I love warm summer evenings!
4) I am grateful for the way I feel when I eat like a normal person and not my usual ten year old candy fiend self. 


1) Photo: About to take a dip. 
2) NA. Should have went out for that ice cream. 
3) I finished my weekend of work and it was very enjoyable as usual. 
4) I'm grateful for family and friends who are supportive of my hobbies and inspire me to keep doing them! ❤️


1) Photo: Zuzu watching intently as Brian mows the lawn. 
2) Chicken strips and fries. 
3) After work Brian and I (and Zuzu who wasn't used to the vehicle we were driving and was barking and whining because she couldn't see out the window like usual so she had to be on my lap the whole time and scratched up my face) drove to Lake Odessa so Brian could cut his parents grass while they were in Colorado. It didn't need much of a trim as most of it was dead which made for quick work so we decided to stick around a little while and get dinner from the local Dairy Queen. Fun-ish impropteau date-ish night. 
4) Thank God for Advil, work would have been much suckier than usual without it. 


1) Photo: Snapchat story #3
2) I made half a batch of Red Lobster biscuits and ate them all myself.  Should have put that in the story.
3) I'm having a lot of fun snapchatting and even though my life isn't super exciting it might be entertaining to look back on these videos when I'm 80. 
4) I'm happy Brian is getting into the Hawaii guidebooks and is starting to find good things for us to see and do and eat. I love having a plan!


1) Photo: Dreaming about that time I had Dairy Queen for dinner. 
2) NA
3) We are having Mike and Sara over pretty early on Saturday and I won't have much time to tidy/get the house presentable tomorrow or Friday so it had to get done today.  Not exciting but task accomplished.  Also, I am too tired to work out and going to bed early will be amazing especially since I have to wake up extra early tomorrow. 
4) I am happy hot weather makes Zuzu a mellow sleepy pup. 


1) Photo: It's really too bad I can't show my Little Sister in photos but she was over on the side looking impressed with Brian's bubble! 
2) Subway egg white flatbread 
3) Today I introduced Brian to LS's grandma and then he came with the two of us to go to the Children's Museum. I didn't love it to be honest (way too busy and loud) but LS and Brian had a good time so I was happy about that. 
4) I am grateful Brian had time to come with us today!


1) Photo: One of the three things I prepped for tomorrow!
2) NA, but excited for feast day tomorrow!
3) I went to the grocery store and Costco after work, watered my flowers and skimmed the pool, made my dip/salad (above), asparagus quinoa salad and the chicken for chicken quesadillas tomorrow and got in a quick work out and shower.  I got to bed later than I would have liked but hey, it's the weekend!
4) I am grateful for avocados.

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