July 16, 2016

Happiness Diary #26

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day

2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (7/9/16)


1) Photo: The Olympic trials for woman's gymnastics started last night. I ❤️ it. 
2) A slice of chocolate raspberry pie I discovered in the freezer.
3) Zuzu had fun at the dog park today. She (sorta) played with a little girl whose dad brought her into the fenced in area just to spend time with the dogs. 
4) I am grateful for down time.


1) Photo: Zuzuball. She was exhausted from being forced to swim in the pool. Brian and I are trying to train her to swim toward the stairs in case she falls in and we aren't around. I've heard about many people whose dogs have drowned in their pool and I will not let that happen to Z!
2) NA
3) We finally booked our flight to Hawaii! The trip is officially on. eeks!
4) I was happy to have the Walshes over today to use the pool, I got a lot of lovely sun soaking in. 


1) Photo: Society6 had another good sale so I snatched up the tapestry I had my eye on for a while.  I figured I will switch out the current beach scene with this one titled "Winter seascape" during the colder months of the year.  Unfortunately, when I opened the package I found a small but ugly yellow stain near the center of the tapestry but I'm pretty sure they are going to send me a replacement.  I have an affiliate link (I think?) to a coupon code for 10$  off if you are interested!  They sell lots of different things from duvet covers to canvases to apparel and more. Society6 is all about "empowering independent artists worldwide" and I love how unique all the pieces are. 
2) Gushers. 
3) I did a really great job of doing nothing today. 
4) I am grateful for having a job!!! :P


1) Photo: In the pool after the big storm. 
2) Tuna. 
3) Today I picked up LS to go swimming but there was a big storm on the way so we stayed inside and played WordUp instead. She still wanted to swim when the rain cleared so we went out for a little while. Afterwards we came back inside and had enough time to play one round of Pass the Pigs with Brian, who is pretty much the only person who can make that game seem like tons of fun. 
4) I love a good thunderstorm!



1) Photo: Our Maui home for six nights!
2) Mozzarella chicken burgers and edamame from Costco 
3) Vacation planning is underway and the more we plan the more excited I get!  Brian just needs to book the hotel for Oahu which he will be able to do in a day or two. They are expecting 12,000 people traveling to Hawaii just for this conference so it's a good thing they blocked some rooms for us. 
4) I am grateful for things to look forward to. 


1) Photo: Basement progress. Painting paneling is a bit of a chore.

2) Leftover mozzarella chicken burger
3) Brian was gone most of the night doing a different tennis league and I kept busy by working out and doing laundry and keeping the kitchen clean.  Exciting stuff. Oh, and I Headspaced (meditation app) for the first time outside and it was very enjoyable. 
4) I'm grateful for a day off tomorrow.


1) Video: My second Snapchat video! Pretty much sums up my entire day.
2) I made some chicken quesadillas with the cooked Costco chicken and they turned out pretty delicious! 
3) I had a great day today and am loving writing this entry from my new computer! It's a small chromebook which is so much more convenient than my mammoth Dell laptop and I can easily lay on the couch and type away. And I think it might even be travel friendly! ;)
4) I am grateful for great days. 

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