March 1, 2016

Weekend Highlights

Brian and I had a semi-busy schedule planned this past weekend and the first thing on the list for Saturday was wearing out Zuzu. I took her on a 30 minute walk in the morning and afterward Brian and I took her to the dog park. There weren't many dogs there but Z got a great workout bounding through the deep snow. 

Gretchen and Jamie agreed to watch Zuzu for the day so after the dog park we went home and cleaned her up a bit before dropping her off at their house. Then Brian and I were off to see our friends Ben and Courtney (who live on the east side of the state) at Mike and Sara's house in Lansing.  We were only planning on being gone from 12:00-6:00 and I'm sure Zuzu would have been fine being at home alone but Brian thought it would be a fun field trip for everyone this way. (Though I'm sure Jamie and Gretchen didn't think so. 😁) 

We got to Mike and Sara's around 1:30 and hung out with everyone and got to play with Ben and Courtney's super cute two year old twins. Sara made delicious baked ziti for lunch which we had salad and garlic bread and then ate monster cookies for dessert. Yum!

Brian and I left around 5:00 and picked up Zuzu (who hadn't slept at all) and then headed home to chill until bed.
Sunday morning I woke up early so I would have enough time to work out before getting ready to meet the girls. 

(It's pretty difficult getting ready with a cavapoo on your lap but we do the best we can.) 

It was Kirsten's idea to go bowling but we decided to hold off because she had to stay home with her (three!) kids who were sick and couldn't join. 😟 

Instead, Tessa, Tiffany and I decided to go to Frederik Meijer Gardens. I had never been inside before (except for Art Prize) so I was super excited to check it out.  It was beautiful and sunny outside and even though there was about a foot of snow on the ground the temperature was almost 60 degrees which made it the perfect winter day to visit the gardens.  Apparently everyone else thought so too as the place was packed with tons of people and kids and girl and boy scout troops.  We were still able to get through all of the greenhouses which were very beautiful.  

In the largest greenhouse the butterflies had started to hatch and a few of them were flying around which was pretty cool. 

After the greenhouses we decided to go outside and cool down a little (the main greenhouse is kept at 85 degrees and 70 percent humidity so I was definitely warm). We walked around the Japanese garden, which I'm sure is much more beautiful in the spring/summer, but it was still fun to see and all the ponds made it feel very peaceful.

We walked around the sculptures next which were also pretty cool. I really enjoy looking at art and this was like walking through a mini Art Prize.  

By the time we had gone through the sculptures we were starving. We decided to forgo the café on the premises and go out for Indian food instead. (Don't worry Kirsten, we wouldn't have gone there if you were with us. 😀)  I haven't had Indian food very often but I remember enjoying it and after the buffet at Bombay Cuisine I am a certified Indian food lover. I probably could have eaten three plates but capped it at one and left feeling pleasantly full. 

The rest of the day I spent being lazy with Brian and Zuzu (who didn't really wake up until 630 that evening, puppy hangovers are the best!) and getting ready for another long week of work.  Weekends are so short but I had a great one so I won't complain!

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