March 12, 2016

Happiness Diary #8

Welcome to another week! 

Every day I share:
1) A random photo of the day
Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy


 Saturday (3/5/16)

1) Photo: Zuzu looking older and wiser than her one year.
2) I made some air popped popcorn and added some coconut oil, popcorn salt and nutritional yeast for my favorite eats of the day. Yum!
3) I did a new challenging step and leg workout today and it was tough. I probably had to stop ten times between messing up the choreography and trying to catch my breath but I got through it!
4) I am grateful for having a perfectly behaved and clean Zuzu today thanks to a visit to the park and a puppy shower. 


1) Photo: Playing Pass the Pigs!
2) I had an indulgent day of eating but my favorite thing was probably the kettle cooked rippled chips we had with dinner. 
3) Brian and I had his family over for dinner and game night, hopefully the first of many!
4) I am grateful for my health. Poor Brian is sick with a cold for the third time since living in our house. I am lucky to not have gotten sick once. 



1) Photo: I set up our humidifier for Brian who has a cold and a pretty bad cough. (I forgot to take a photo of something more interesting today so this is what we get.) 
2) Heidi left us some chocolate raspberry pie (flourless, I think) yesterday and though I'm not a huge fan of chocolate and dont like fudge, I looove this very fudgy and chocolatey pie. 
3) I received an email from Big Brothers Big Sisters requesting to set up an interview! Things are in motion!
4) I am grateful for walks in 60 degree weather. 


1) Photo: The cookie I received at the church where we voted. 
2) I had potstickers for dinner and they were my favorite food of the day. (Sorry cookie.)
3) It was another dog park day for Zuzu and the doggy crew was awesome! I'm always happy when Zuzu gets to play with friendly and active dogs.
4) I am grateful for my motivation and dedication to working out. I might not eat the healthiest but it's relatively easy staying active.


1) Photo: I made some pretty amazing (if I do say so myself) banana oat muffins. (I was about to leave for a walk in case you wondered about the coat.) 
2) The muffins were my favorite thing I ate today. I highly recommend this recipeIt uses coconut oil for the fat and maple syrup for the sweet. So good. 
3) I want to take control of eating healthy so I made a food plan and went shopping after work. I have six boiled eggs in the fridge now. It's something!
4) I am grateful for the means to buy all the healthy groceries I desire. 


1) Photo: Brian sent me this picture today saying Zuzu keeps whining at the office door because our cleaning lady was talking on her phone. Usually Zuzu will just be sleeping at that time. First world problems.
2) Chicken pesto pasta for dinner tonight. Kirkland brand pesto is legit! It's my favorite store bought pesto for sure.
3) I didn't work out yesterday and still didn't feel like it today so I took another day off. Sometimes you just have to listen into your body!
4) I am grateful and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. 



1) Photo: I received more snacks today! ❤️
2) Brian brought me some Thai takeout on his way home from tennis and it was SO GOOD!!!!
3) I went running for the first time in forever. I only did a slow three miles with some walking but my (previously injured) foot felt decent so I'm happy!
4) I am grateful for a beautiful sunny and 60 degree day off work. 

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