March 19, 2016

Happiness Diary #9

Welcome to a new week! 

Every day I share:
1) A random photo of the day (a bit Zuzu heavy this week)
Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy

 Saturday (3/12/16)

1) Photo: Most of my candy is being banished to the basement because I haven't been very smart with my consumption lately. Fireballs are still being stored within arms reach though. 😀
2) My favorite meal today was my lunch of butternut squash ravioli. 
3) I did some painting in the office! I needed to do some trim touch ups and we actually want to get a new gallon of better quality paint and go over the dark grey color because it didn't turn out the way we hoped. Hopefully that will solve our issues and hopefully we will get this office finished within the next five years. Ha.  
4) I am grateful for a laid back weekend work day and the opportunity to get some work done on my molecular exam.


1) Photo: Zuzu the ferocious ant killer. She goes after those things but doesn't usually eat them, they just get stuck in her beard.
2) I ate...nothing remarkably great but I finished up eating the eggs I boiled a few days ago for breakfast. Always a great source of protein in the mornings. 
3) I worked my full day even when it would have been super easy to go home early. I'm not about to waste my PTO like that though. 
4) I am grateful for a big basement to run Zuzu ragged when it's been raining outside all day. 


1) Photo: The (very informative) volunteer packet I received from the social worker for Big Brothers Big Sisters. 
2) NA (Not going to force it anymore if there is Nothing Amazing to report in the food category.)
3) I interviewed with a social worker from BBBS today! She came over to our house (since the house would have to be inspected for safety anyway) and it went really well! It will probably take around a month to get matched which is awesome since it took Brian nine months to get matched when he lived in Mason.
4) I'm grateful I got in a run today even though it wasn't the best, at least I got out there!


1) Photo: Zuzu wishing she was playing with the neighbors. 
2) I ate the cheddar lentil loops from my last NatureBox which is one of my favorite snacks from the company. 
3) I've been having terrible PMS lately and did a little research and decided to get some calcium supplements. My current vitamins have only 12% calcium so I probably do need more. Hopefully it makes a difference!
4) I grateful for being able to go to bed early. 


1) Photo: Zuzu is an oval. 
2) I ate a dinner of taco seasoned ground turkey, black beans and the most ripe and perfect avocado ever. Too lazy to make quinoa and the lettuce went bad but it was still a satisfying meal. 
3) I went to bed with a very tidy house tonight. Go me.
4) An instrument is down at work which stinks but it's giving me a surprise day off tomorrow!!! I'm so excited to enjoy a day at home and grateful to have enough PTO to take a day off without worry. The power of positive thinking is real, people! 


1) Photo: Trying to take a nap on the couch. Between the uncomfortable pillow, basketball on TV and Brian making a bunch of work calls five feet away it didn't really happen but I do love my Z snuggles.
2) I ate Hobnobs for the first time and love them!!
3) I believe I made the most out of my surprise day off. I did many things on my to do list and I still have the weekend to do everything else. :)
4) I'm grateful and happy I didn't waste the day away. 


1) Photo: I originally took this photo because I wanted to save the workout on my phone but since it was the only photo I took today I thought I'd post it. My leg WOD (workout of the day)! Not an exciting photo but the workout gets me every time. 👍
2) I ate a HUGE amount of air popped popcorn with toppings while watching Redboxed Spectre tonight and it was very enjoyable. Along with salad and beef jerky it was my dinner. "Classic Faith," as Brian would say about my random eating habits.
3) I practiced being present and positive as much as I could today which always makes for a challenging but interesting day. When I found myself not thinking that way, accepting what I was feeling instead of feeling guilty or frustrated was key to getting back to good-something I've known about but never actually practiced until now!
4) I am grateful and looking forward to the weekend.  It's going to be chilly but I'm hoping I get some outside time with Brian and Zuzu!

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