February 27, 2016

Happiness Diary #6

Every day I share:
1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something that made me feel grateful

Saturday (2/20/16)

1) Photo: The textbook for my molecular class. I got a little bit of studying in today which makes me feel less of a slacker.
2) I made some lovely tea at work. (they have a coffee maker hooked up to a water supply and hot water is always at the ready! So nice.)

3) I got a ton of steps in today! Over 15,000!
4) It's so nice to have a shorter drive to and from work every once in a while. I'm especially grateful on the weekends. 

1) Photo: See #2
2) I picked up salmon on my way home from work and as usual (thanks to our meat thermometer) it was cooked to perfection. 
3) I worked on my final exam for my molecular class. It feels good to at least have it started.
4) I am currently grateful for Brian putting in a load of my laundry so I can sit here and write this entry. :)

1) Photo: Booo..it was super good too. :(
2) I think my favorite thing to eat today were my dried figs. They are a slightly better alternative to candy. 
3) Brian and I made a plan to get some more painting done in the office and we stuck to it!
4) I am grateful for having friends at work. :)


1) Photo: At lunch I went on a neighborhood walk with these two. 
2) Brian and I ordered breakfast from a  restaurant near our house and my ham and mushroom omelet was wonderful. 
3) I filled out the application for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I know the process can take quite a while between the time an applicant is interviewed and the time they are matched with a "little" but I am hoping it doesn't take super long for me. (I've been reading forums online and I also hope I don't get rejected!)  I am really looking forward to doing something meaningful and I am ready to commit to this thing for at least a year. I know it will take a bit of time, patience and planning but I know it will be a positive change in my life and hopefully I will be making a positive change in a child's life as well.  
4) I am grateful for my desire to work to improve myself and my life. It's a lifelong process and I'm learning that I need to focus on others as much as I focus on myself in order to be the most happy and feel the most fulfilled. 


1) Photo: My application for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program which is currently in the mailbox with the flag up!
2) One of my coworkers recently won a million dollars in the lottery and she bought everyone lunch from the Olive Garden. :) It was the most carby and delicious lunch ever. 
3) I had a huge instrumentation failure at work and it was definitely not ideal but I refused to get stressed out because I know in those situations there is not much you can do but deal with it and hope for the best. And at 3:30 I always get to leave it all behind. For a day anyway!
4) I am so happy my foot is starting to feel better, I might try to start running again once the snow disappears. I should never take for granted when I am healthy and my body is working properly.
It's such a gift! 


1) Photo: Puppy in a blanket. I think Zuzu gets cold in the middle of the night. She will wake us up by growl-whining and trying to jump on the bed and then, after we tell her no, she will head to the couch and nestle herself among the many blankets. <3
2) We made chicken pesto pasta for dinner and it was pretty good. We are getting better at this dinner making thing!  Well, I am.
3) Brian did something kind today. He spent two hours shoveling our driveway and our neighbors driveway after getting tons of snow last night.
4) It was the worst drive to work I've had since moving across the city and I am grateful for my four wheel drive and being able to get to work safely and on time this morning (relatively stress-free).  


1) Photo: The banana bread we received yesterday from our neighbor who came over with with her three kids and thanked Brian for shoveling. We dug in before they even made it back to their house and now it's half gone! 😆
2) I got pizza AGAIN at work! I love free food especially when it's delicious.
3) I decided to be on the Lab Week committee at work. I've never been on it before but I thought in the spirit of giving I would give a little bit of my time this year to honor my coworkers.
4) I am grateful for an activity filled (but not too filled!) weekend coming up

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