March 27, 2016

Happiness Diary #10

It's a new week! 

Every day I share:
1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious (Is this getting tired?)
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy

 Saturday (3/19/16)

1) Photo: I am currently painting this cabinet in the half bathroom. The inside will be white and the outside a dark teal color that I'm still a bit unsure about...
2) I love eating edamame from the shell and I ate a whole package at dinner. I love a good protein filled veggie.
3) Today I went to ACE hardware, painted (thrice), worked out, took Zuzu on a walk in the woods with Brian and am now getting a foot rub on the couch. We are watching Out Cold, a movie Brian watched in the theaters when he was a junior in high school. On Rotten Tomatoes the audience gives it an 84% and the critics give it an 8%.  Brian loves it. Me, not so much. 
4) I am grateful for having time to do home projects. 

1) Photo: Yes I make Brian take awkward pictures of me for my blog. Here I am holding all of our shopping bags while outlet shopping!
2) I ate some Girl Scout cookies we recently received from a neighbor girl.  They were good though I've realized I'm kind of over Samoas... 
3) There were lots of fun dogs at the dog park AND I got to talk to my mom for a while which was nice. Luckily Brian was there to keep an eye on Zuzu while I tried to hide from the wind. We then made a trip to the outlet mall and found some fun stuff and later Brian and I had our first family meeting using the Cozi app and we have our week pretty well planned out. I also meal planned and prepped for my breakfasts and lunches for the week. Busy day!
4) It's spring! Need I say more. 
1) Photo: Brian doing bicep curls with the dog. 
2) I made shrimp and chickpea pasta with edamame pasta and it was good though could have used more garlic!3) I went on a run/walk on the four mile loop around our house today. I want to eventually get back to enjoying running again.
4) I am so grateful for my health and ability to sleep through the night. For many of my friends with kids those things would be a luxury!


1) Photo: I always get a popcorn refill for the ride home from the movies. (If we haven't already used our one free refil!)
2) The popcorn. Always. 3) Brian and I are implementing Tuesday date night. We will probably alternate going to a movie and going out to eat because we love doing both and it will help to stretch the monies.  For our first date night we went to see Deadpool which we have been wanting to see for a while. It kept me entertained the entire time so I give it a thumbs up.
4) It always makes me happy to look forward to fun things which is a great reason to plan date nights besides spending time with B. :)


1) Photo: Zuzu sleeping in the hallway. I took this photo coming up from the lower level. Zuzu was so sleepy last night she didn't bother me in the workshop!
2) New discovery: D&W and Family Fare carry kimchi in their produce section! It's made locally and is so tasty it may just earn a permanent staple spot in our fridge. 
3) On Wednesdays my goal is to do something around the house when Brian goes to tennis. Today I worked on doing some more painting of the bathroom cabinet. I want to get it done by Friday because we are having company over and right now the bathroom is a mess.
4) I am grateful for very enjoyable days at work.



1) Photo: Well it's painted! I'm still questioning the color and the doors are wonky but it'll have to do for now!
2) We made some Caribbean jerk marinated chicken with quinoa and asparagus for dinner tonight which was pretty good. I'm just proud to be making dinners on a semi regular basis.
3) We have officially had Zuzu for one year! (Well we got her last year on the 22nd.) This past year with her has been, for the most part, wonderful! She makes me smile every day and as she gets older she just gets better and better.
4) I am grateful we decided to get a puppy a year ago. Life would be boring and lonely and sad without her. Haha.


1) Photo: Brian sent me this picture while I was at work. Its our niece playing with Zuzu and Zuzu loving it!
2) Crab crab crab crab crab.
3) Another week has gone by and I'm pretty sure this is my tenth happiness diary! That is 70 days of being mindful and finding something to be happy about. Crazy. Today was great because not only is it Friday but we had Crab Fest 2016! More on that later!
4) I am grateful for my ability to prepare and multitask like nobody's business. Today made me feel like I could be a successful sous chef. Hah!

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