February 18, 2016

Library Canvas Painting

I find it kind of interesting how I haven't painted much before last week (and Brian probably never), but in the past few days we have both painted THREE things! Brian's office, a painting at the Children's Museum, and now these, the paintings we made at the library on Tuesday night.

Canvas painting classes have never really appealed to me, probably because the popular ones are offered with wine (which I don't drink) and the paintings usually aren't anything I would want to hang up in my home. This class, however, was free-ish (I suppose we are paying with our tax dollars) and so I decided to sign the two of us up. 
I signed up over a month ago which was good because apparently the class was very in-demand. The library even called me the day before to make sure we were reeeally coming because there was "a very long wait list". Don't worry we didn't forget! 

The canvases were tiny,

and they still aren't anything I would want to hang up,

but I always love doing different and creative things together.  Also it was interesting to see how the classes were run and it was fun to paint alongside Brian and the elderly women of Grand Rapids.  ;)

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