February 13, 2016

Happiness Diary #4

Welcome to a new week!

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) An event that happened or task I accomplished 
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy

Saturday (2/6/16)

1) Photo: It was a great day at the dog park, Zuzu had lots of friends to play with although she got so dirty she needed to be rolled up in a towel for the ride home and then rinsed off in the shower.
2) My favorite things to eat today were chips and guacamole from Qdoba. By far. :)
3) Brian and I went out to breakfast after I got home from work. We had a jolly time and had a lot of important things to talk about.
4) I'm grateful for having the next eight days off work!


1) Photo: Brian. :) We were waiting to have breakfast with Jamie (bro-in-law) and the kids (at the same place we had breakfast yesterday). Gretchen was doing a long workout at the YMCA while we all stuffed our faces.
2) The Super Bowl is always a good excuse for an hors d'oeuvre night. My favorite was the small spinach and garlic pizza from Digiorno. Brian's cheese dip was pretty delectable as well. 
3) Brian and I went to Lowes to get some paint samples for his office. I'm excited to get a home project started!
4) I am grateful for 40 degree winter days. They make running errands so much more pleasant.


1) Photo: Zuzu got groomed today! Brian doesn't love it (edit: It's since grown on him) but I think the shorter fur will be so much nicer because: no matts! 
2) We had garlic noodles and veggies for dinner, delish!
3) I downloaded Sketchup which is a program where you can create 3D plans of your home to help you decorate/ renovate etc. We will see how useful the free version is. (Edit: not so useful)
4) I am grateful for naps. They are such a luxury. :)


1) Photo: Dessert! Mine was Green Tea Tiramisu and Brian's was Korean Coffee Cheesecake. Mine was good, Brian's was kind of dry and odd.
2) I reeallly wanted to get sushi this week and tonight we decided to try out a sushi restaurant we have never been to before. We loved it and will definitely be going back!
3) Thanks to Brené Brown I'm trying to remind myself that people are generally doing the best they can in life.  It gets me out of negative thinking patterns and helps me to not be so easily annoyed.
4) I am grateful for books that help me grow as a person.


1) Photo: Chilling at the library. We are such thrill seekers. 
2) I had a veggie pizza from Subway. One of my favorite pizzas ever TBH.
3) I did my laundry (and folded it) today.  Hey it's something.
4) I am grateful for a soft puppy who always wants to sleep in my lap.


1) Photo: Office progress. We chose the color Foothills by Sherwin Williams but unfortunately the sample was much lighter than the actual paint we are using. (Probably because I wanted wo go with an Olympic no VOC cheaper paint. My bad.) Hopefully it still looks acceptable when we are finished painting.
2) Brian and I had breakfast at his parents house this morning and we had apple fritters, a quiche with hash brown crust and fruit. It was so nice!
3) Zuzu woke me up at 5 am but I tried to make the most of it and did some painting while waiting for Brian to wake up.  It's always nice to get something accomplished early in the morning.
4) I am grateful for people who inspire me. I loved the post Liz Gilbert wrote on her Facebook this morning. Especially the part where she writes "And I believe there no is gentler or safer place to stand on this earth than in a place where you can say to yourself, "I love every bit of you, you beautiful freak."


1) Photo: The current scene behind me. It was practically a blizzard half an hour ago but now it's calmed down a bit and looks quite peaceful out there.
2) My favorite thing to eat today was the pizza that was served when:
3) Brian and I went to an "adult play date" at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum with our friends George and Deb tonight.
4) I am so grateful my horrendous headache went away (with a little Tylenol and lots of water) so I could fully enjoy the evening. More about the event later!


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