February 20, 2016

Happiness Diary #5

Every day I share:
1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) An event that happened or task I accomplished 
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy


 Saturday (2/13/16)

1) Photo: Dessert!  The best part of the meal.
2) My favorite thing I ate today were the pound cake pieces dipped in chocolate but the whole meal at The Melting Pot was pretty epic. We had the Valentines Day special with our friends Mike and Sara. Probably a once in a lifetime thing. :) 
3) Brian and I learned how to play Ticket to Ride, the game we won last night. It's pretty fun and easy to learn and will be great for our next game night.
4) Zuzu has been getting in the habit of waking us up at 530 and I am grateful Brian was the one who dealt with her this morning so I could get a few more hours of sleep.  


1) Photo: Making progress in the office!
2) The Asian chicken salad I ate was my favorite meal of the day. 
3) Brian and I have three walls left to put a second coat of paint on and we will be done! We still need to do a few touch ups with some white paint, the built-in needs another coat of paint and we need window treatments etc. but everything will be accomplished in time.
4) I am grateful for Brian's help with painting. He actually really enjoyed it and after seeing what a difference a coat of paint made, he's motivated to paint the rest of the house too! Yes!


1) Photo: About to marinate this hunk of beef for dinner tonight. 
2) While the cooked hunk of meat was quite delish my favorite food today was the strawberry chew I ate that helped me finish my workout strong. (I don't normally take candy breaks while working out but I had to run upstairs for something in the midst of exercising and they were just sitting there.)
3) I didn't have the best start to my Monday.  I was totally not ready to wake up to my alarm this morning, I couldn't find my badge, I didn't grab my new shoes and I had to rush on snowy roads to get to work on time. Even though it was stressful I didn't let it get to me because I realize there are always things to be learned in stressful situations (ie. Be more prepared next time!) and in the end today really did turn out to be a great day because:
4) Not having to work ten hours today like I was expecting = a great day!! :)


1) Photo: Another day at the dog park.
2) Someone left Valentine's Day candy in the break room at work and I had an orange AirHead. Obviously my meals lacked a little luster today.
3) Brian and I painted at the library this evening and it was quite enjoyable.
4) I am grateful I have a husband who is open to trying new things with me.



1) Photo: The view at the top of the stairs. It's hard to tell but it's a beautiful sunny day today!
2) I made taco salad for dinner tonight and it was yum as usual. 

3) I feel like I've been enjoying blogging more lately. It's always easier and more enjoyable when I actually have things to write about! Also I'm getting into a flow with these Happiness Diaries and writing my daily entry is becoming a highlight of my day. 
4) I am grateful for my new work shoes. They seem to have good support and I hope they help to heal my foot which I hurt a while ago.


1) Photo: 50% off box of Godiva I purchased from Target today. Happy late Valentines Day to me!
2) My burrito bowl from Qdoba was perfect for lunch.
3) I'm researching possibly becoming a Big Sister. I know it would be a big time commitment but I feel like I want to do more meaningful things with my life and I would love to make a difference in a child's life...
4) I am grateful for a warmer day.


1) Photo: A walk in the park.
2) My supervisor bought pizza for lunch today and we all very much enjoyed/appreciated it.
3) I had my last training day at the new office and this weekend I'm on my own! I hope it goes well.
4) I am grateful for non-stressful work days. 

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