November 28, 2015

Health Diary Week Six

Ahh I've been slacking and am late to get this posted because I haven't wanted to get on the computer during my little vacation. I'm still here though and I'm still doing this!

Monday (11/16/15)
Movement: Rest day
Fruit: 2 (Banana and Apple)
Veggies: 3 (Black beans and lots of zucchini)
Meditation: No
Notes: I worked 11 hours today so I planned to take a rest day which worked out really well. I am satisfied with my food choices today. It seems to be getting easier to be satisfied at the end of the day and I'm hoping it's not just a phase. I keep reminding myself to take it one satisfied day at a time and the changes will come!

Movement: Walk and hill HIIT
Fruit: 1 (Apple)
Veggies: 0
Meditation: No
Notes: Not terrible but could be better.

Movement: BBG legs
Fruit: 3 (Apple, pomegranate)
Veggies:2 (black beans and zucchini)
Meditation: Yes
Notes: I did not eat great today. Had a crappy couple days of work and feeling down but tomorrow is my last day and then I have six days off so really looking forward to some much needed vaca!

Movement: Walk
Fruit: 2 (Apple and banana)
Veggies: 1 (Carrots)
Meditation: Yes
Notes: Still feeling off today and ate crappy but sometimes you just need the comfort food!

Movement: BBG arms
Fruit: 3 (Apple, banana, Apple)
Veggies: 3 (Black beans and salad)
Meditation: Yes
Notes: My first day of vacation and I'm keeping it healthy so far! I'm not promising it will stay this way though!

Movement: Hill HIIT
Fruit: 1 (Dried cherries-does this even count?)
Veggies: 2 (Spinach and carrots)
Meditation: No
Notes: Ate a little more indulgently but not stuffed as I go to bed so it's all good.

Movement: BBG
Fruit: 2 (Apple, 1/2 large pomegranate)
Veggies: 4 (Carrots, spinach salad and stir fry)
Meditation: No
Notes: I've definitely been eating my share of candy and sweets but not feeling too guilty about it yet!

This week wasn't too bad all in all. My goal is to end vacation not bloated and hating myself. Or at least not hating myself. :)

Next week will be posted tomorrow, ha!

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