November 2, 2015

Halloween Weekend 2015

This year Brian and I took advantage of the fact that Halloween fell on a Saturday. I haven't done anything special for Halloween in probably ten years though it was one of my favorite holidays when I was young because hello, FREE CANDY. I don't love going to bars anymore and I've always hated masks, so going out to costume parties/bars as an adult on Halloween has never appealed to me. This year Brian and I decided to do something different and have our out-of-town friends Mike and Sara over for the night to make the holiday a little more fun.

In preparation I hung some orange streamers and attempted to make caramel apples. The streamers were festive but the apples were a fail because I cooked the caramel too long and after it cooled on the apples it became so hard the apples were practically inedible. I made it work though. 

Ugliest caramel apples turn into abstract art and then are carefully de-caramelized and devoured.

I also made some Sriracha roasted cashews inspired by the snack from Nature Box, but they didn't turn out nearly as good and were pretty sticky as well. At least my tiny pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate were a success. (Unfortunately I forgot to take photos!)

Brian was intent on finding a Halloween craft to make (because we are five) and after a lot of research he decided on a skeleton made out of water jugs (the original instructions ask for milk jugs but we rarely buy milk in gallons). It took a while to trace and cut and tie together the skeleton but our friends arrived in the early afternoon and we had plenty of time to finish.

Studying the instructions for the skeleton. Note my lovely decorations and prepped craft table. 

After we finished with our masterpiece we all downloaded Ellen DeGeneres's new game "Psych" on our phones and played for hours while handing out candy and munching on snacks and pizza. (Side note: I enjoy anchovies on salads but never had them on pizza so Mike and I decided to try a pizza with anchovies on half. We did NOT enjoy them-anchovies are disgustingly fishy after being heated.)
Be prepared for me to wear this outfir for the next 30 years!

All in all it was a fun Halloween. I stayed up late (for me) and left the gang watching football (boring) while I headed to bed. The next morning I had the entire kitchen/living room cleaned and Halloween decorations put away before Brian even ventured out of bed. See you next year Mr. Skeleton! 

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