November 16, 2015

Health Diary Week Five

Monday (11/9/15)
Movement: 60 minutes yoga
Fruit: 1 (Apple)
Veggies: 2 (Asian salad)
Meditation: Yes
Notes: A satisfying day!

Movement: 2.5 mile walk and 60 min pickleball
Fruit: 2 (a big pomegranate)
Veggies: 0
Meditation: Yes
Notes: A good day food-wise though I really need to hit the store and buy some veggies! In other news I hurt my heel playing pickleball :(.

Movement: W1 BBG Legs
Fruit: 1 (Apple)
Veggies: 1 (Black beans)

Meditation: Yes
Notes: Satisfied! We went shopping so I have some veggies!

Movement: Rest day
Fruit: 1 (Apple)
Veggies: 1 (A few carrots and potato in stew, I know, I know)
Meditation: Yes
Notes: Legs so sore! I probably ate more than I should have since I didn't work out today but oh well.

Movement: W1 BBG arm/abs
Fruit: 0
Veggies: 1 (black beans)
Meditation: No
Notes: Satisfied with the day, was a long day at work and I was starving when I got home so I ate dinner before my workout. Luckily there wasn't much jumping around and was mostly weight lifting and ab work.

Movement: Long hike and 20 minute hill HIIT
Fruit: 3 (Banana and huge pomegranate)
Veggies: 2 (Carrots and hummus)
Meditation: Yes!
Notes: Day off and I meditated! I did it shortly after I woke up and it really set me up for a great day.

Movement: BBG Week 1 Total Body
Fruit: 2? (Pomegranate)
Veggies: ?
Meditation: Yes
Notes: Mostly satisfied. I didn't go to bed super full so I'd say it was a success!

Week five was a pretty good week all in all although the tracking and comsumption of fruits and veggies was a little more difficult than I originally thought. Sometimes I just forget what I ate that day!  I really need to be more intentional about adding in those good foods and will try to do better next week!

Snapshot from my instagram video of me trying to do some BBG ab bikes with a pup under my head!

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